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Swarovski NL Pure

Swarovski NL Pure

Swarovski has once again pushed the bar higher with their latest release, the NL Pure. This entirely new binocular is light - weighing in at under 30 oz across all models, compact, and astonishingly comfortable.

NL Pure

Form Factor

The cylinder’s new form factor is a brilliant improvement achieved by reconfiguring the internal prism. This new form makes hand-holding the binoculars feel incredibly natural. Imagine holding a cylinder of modeling clay in your hand and giving it a light squeeze until your hand naturally rests - and that is exactly what holding the NL Pure feels like. 

This new form coupled with the optional Forehead Rest allows you to hand-hold the NL Pure surprisingly steadily compared to other models. The Forehead Rest is adjustable to 10 different length settings, so finding the perfect eye-relief will never be an issue. I would find it highly unlikely that other manufacturers don’t take inspiration from this new design.

NL Pure 12x42


It’s no surprise that NL Pure offers some of the best glass I’ve had my eyes behind - it’s what we’ve come to expect from Swarovski. What is surprising is the amount of beauty you’re able to witness from behind these binoculars. Swarovski’s NL Pure debuted boasting the world’s widest field of view. Behind the glass, you’re offered a highly-detailed 71-degree FOV of 477 ft at 1,000 yd. That’s a 20% increase from the prior industry favorite, the Swarovski EL.

Technical Specifications

  NL Pure 8x42
NL Pure 10x42
NL Pure 12x42
Magnification 8x 10x 12x
Objective Lens 42 mm 
42 mm 
42 mm 
Field of View at 1,000 Yards 477 ft 399 ft 339 ft
Close Focusing Distance 6.6 ft 6.6 ft 8.5 ft
Weight 29.5 oz
30.0 oz
29.5 oz
Dimensions (in)
6.2L x 5.1W x 2.8H
6.2L x 5.1W x 2.8H
6.2L x 5.1W x 2.8H
Light Transmission 91%

If you're in the market for top-shelf glass that is comfortable to hold, mountable to a tripod, and makes glassing one-handed a viable option, look no further than the Swarovski NL Pure.

Check out the Swarovski NL Product Page


NL Pure Reactions - First Impressions

Here's what the guys at the shop think:

The NL makes hand held glassing easy. The edge to edge clarity makes all the difference in the world. The NL is comfort meets perfection. - Blake Newman
First off, the new NL Pure is the best feeling binocular I’ve ever held. The improved ergonomics make them incredibly easy to handhold with little to no shake. Secondly, the field of view is absolutely insane at a whopping 399ft at 1000 yd in the 10x42. That large FOV allows for an even truer color transmission and better overall perceived clarity than in the standard EL. I never thought that you could improve upon the EL, but Swarovski certainly did. I plan on getting a pair of 12s for long distance glassing as well as a pair of 8s for still-hunting. -Joe Mannino
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