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Swarovski NL Pure 12x42 Binocular

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Expected Ship Date July 2021


"The EL was the best binocular in the world. It's still one of the best, but not the best anymore." - Swarovski Optik Executive

The NL Pure from Swarovski Optik is not a replacement for the EL. What it is, however, is spectacular. With the three most popular magnifications on the market represented in a reimagined 42 mm format (including a 12x42), the NL is the most comfortable hand-holding binocular we've ever seen.

Strap the NL Pure to a tripod and take full advantage of Swarovski's iconic glass, Swarovision coating system, and a massive 71˚ field of view (even at 12x), and refuse to let anything on the mountain escape. The EL still has its place, but the NL Pure has literally created a brand-new category for binocular performance.

You can't kill a legend, but you can ask it to scoot over.

Magnification 12x
Objective Lens (mm) 42
Field of View 1000 Yards  339 ft
Close Focusing Distance 8.5 ft
Weight (oz) 29.5 oz
Dimensions (in) 6.2L x 5.1W x 2.8H
Light Transmission (%) 91%

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Swarovski NL Pure vs. EL

Swarovski NL Pure 12x42 is awesome. Who expected a better binocular than Swarovski EL? The Swarovski NL Pure is likely the world’s finest binocular, EL was probably the world’s best before NL Pure. I own Swarovski EL 12x50, EL 10x42, and bought the new NL Pure 12x42. All three EL & NL have crystal clear optics that surprise people who’ve never used elite binoculars. NL Pure improved on EL in seven ways:

Size. NL 12x42 is tiny for a 12-power, much smaller than EL 12x50, slightly smaller than my EL 10x42.
Weight. NL 12x42 is 16% lighter than EL 12x50, but actually feels lighter.
Forehead rest (optional) is wonderful, facilitates instant positioning for eyeglass wearers. EL 12x50 image jumps slightly when my heart beats, NL forehead rest eliminates 2/3 of heartbeat movement.
Lens covers seem a huge improvement, if they hopefully last decades. EL lens covers are poorly designed, easily fall off, affixed by stretchy rubber rings. NL lens covers snap into the tubes with a tiny removable hinge.
Field of vision is the biggest selling point for NL. Specs indicate NL 12x42 has 13% greater field of vision than EL 12x50, noticeable but not dramatic. The NL expanded field of vision is probably dramatic for the 8-power and 10-power glasses.
NL focus wheel is improved, faster & easier than my ELs.
Ergonomics, NL is great EL is very good.
Optics of both NL & EL is vivid and a joy, Swarovski says the same for both.

Best Binoculars I have ever owned

They are built to be used for long periods of time. The ergonomics are very nice, not to mention the clarity and field of view are unmatched. I purchased the 12x42 Pure binoculars and included the forehead rest and stud for tripod mounted glassing. I have wanted the 12x for a long time and I am glad I waited. These binoculars provide incredible light gathering capabilities along with a great magnification. Not too much to make it shaky and uncomfortable and not too little to strain for a clear picture at distance. I would recommend this to anyone looking for high quality optics.

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