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Outdoorsmans Pack Frame System

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Color: Coyote Brown

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The key to the Outdoorsmans Pack System is the frame. The curvature allows the pack to ride as close to your center of gravity as possible. This gives you the stability of an internal frame, but the carrying capacity of the external frame. The polypropylene frame is rigid enough in the vertical plane to handle a 200 lb. load, yet is flexible enough to twist with your body while climbing or slipping through brush. The bag is attached to the frame at eight different points with easily inserted buckles. Behind the bag is a meat carrying system that is tucked neatly against the frame so you can convert your gear bag into a meat packer in less than two minutes.


Included Hip Belt, Shoulder Harness, Meat Sling
Weight 3 lbs 12 oz
Height 24"
Warranty Lifetime


With features like the shooting v-notch, bomb-proof polypropylene construction, and a shelf that keeps your pack upright, this frame is in a league of its own. Train in the off-season with the Atlas Trainer and RotoPax, swap it out for a pack during the season, and pack out with the meat sling. There is truly no other pack frame that does what this frame system can do.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alan Mehringer

I love these packs in 2021 I haul out 4 cow elk with the old optic pack and love how much weight u can haul I could not stand up on my own to get started but once I was up I hauled out a hind and front quarter in one trip with the bones in back to the truck making three trips to get one out, the next day they filled two more tag and hauled out both elk with out my shoulder and back hurting. these are great back and design by the forks here in Arizona making them that much better in my mind to use equipment design by fork that hunt the same unit I do

Lawrence Zawacki
Old man hunting

At 64 years young I still enjoy hunting.
I have had several different day packs
That just didn’t get the job done. With packing in my grind blinds and chairs. So I decided to get a pack frame.
The outdoorsman is frame works well.
I found the plastic buckles that go through the frame squeak a bit but not anything to really worrie about. But this a honest review.
I also wish the shoulder straps were a bit wider.
I can start to feel the straps after a mile with about 35 lbs in it. So no real complaints. Just an observation.
When adjusted to fit your body the frame keeps it away from your back so you don’t overheat.
+ 18 c my back stayed cool👍
I strapped my day pack to it and I was much more comfortable. I regret not getting the Bute pack. But I will order it soon.
So far I am very happy with my purchase.👍👍👍


Very comfortable with heavy weight

Peter white
Best frame pack hands down

After having the pack for 3 years I can finally give it a good review. 3 bull elk, 3 black bears and one deer later and I can say this is the best pack for hauling heavy loads! No sore shoulders or straps digging into to you. I’ve owned 3 different high end packs but none compare

The best pack frame I have used!

I purchased this frame system last year as a Christmas present to myself, after 40 years of trying numerous different pack frames for hauling out both, whole quarters and boned out meat. I was fortunate enough to put it to use last month in Idaho, hauling out a boned out elk and I have to say, it was the most comfortable pack frame I have used to date and did not even flinch at the weight I put on it. The hip belt and shoulder straps have plenty of padding and the curved frame made it much easier to carry than any other frame system I have tried and I have tried a bunch! The pouch that is built into the meat sling even worked good to slide my rifle down in while packing the meat out. Unless catastrophic failure happens for some unknown reason, this should be the last pack frame I ever need to purchase. Thanks for a great product.



Frame Features


Shooting Notch
Get support with the integrated Shooting Notch for a solid shot wherever the hunt takes you.

Sling Post
With built-in Sling Posts on both sides, the days of slings slipping off your shoulder are long gone.

Load Shelf
Hold quartered game securely in place with the hybrid load shelf.

Weighs: 60oz
Carries: Up to 200lbs
Modular: Train, Hunt, Haul

Fully Adjustable

With adjustable harness and hip belt suspension, you can count on a perfect fit, big or small.


Our patented frame system is rigid with a twist. The advanced polymer frame is agile enough to flex with body movements but rigid enough to keep things in place.

Fully Adjustable

With adjustable harness and hip belt suspension, you can count on a perfect fit, big or small.


Our patented frame system is rigid with a twist. The advanced polymer frame is agile enough to flex with body movements but rigid enough to keep things in place.

A Truly Modular System
Train, prepare, hunt, and haul with one frame system.






Start the Foundation
A good system starts with a solid foundation.
Get the Outdoorsmans frame and start your build.


Your System


Carry up to 90 pounds using the same suspension system you'll be using out in the field. Train hard, hunt harder.


Pack in up to 4 gallons of water to stage at a blind or tree stand or fill a local catchment to help conservation efforts.


The next generation Outdoorsmans pack – designed with versatility in mind.


Strip down, load up and go with a meat hauling system perfected by decades of experience hunting out West.

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