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Outdoorsmans Palisade 90 Pack System

$ 499.99
Color: Coyote Brown

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The Palisade 90 is an updated version of the Optics Hunter long-time favorite of western big game hunters. With some clever quality of life improvements and a new harness/belt system, the Palisade is the perfect solution for anyone who spends most of their time behind glass. The roomy side pockets can be compressed flat or fit tripods and large spotting scopes. The padded optics lid is perfect for storing binoculars up to 15x56.

  • 100% 500 Denier Cordura
  • 5,500 cubic inches
  • Large unpartitioned main pouch
  • Easy access side pockets (straps no longer interfere with pockets)
  • Bag separates from frame - allowing better load distribution
  • Includes removable All Purpose Pouch (APP) for tools/tags
  • Long-Range-style padded optics pocket lid (Also fits 6 breakfast burritos)    

All Purpose Pouch (A.P.P)

The APP (All-Purpose-Pouch) is a removable replacement for external pockets on the Outdoorsmans pack systems. Alternative names that were discussed were “Murder Kit,” "Murder Pouch," “Kill Kit,” and other inappropriate options. The APP features small zippered compartments that are perfect for storing knives, tags, emergency medical supplies and any other small items. If an Outdoorsmans pack is your pickup truck, the APP is your bed-mounted toolbox.

Size: 5500ci


Obsidian Black - 8.3lb
True Timber - 9 lb
Coyote Brown - 8.1 lb
Tactical Grey - 8.1 lb
OD Green - 8.1lb

(Listed weight includes bag, APP, and frame system)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews

Made extremely well. Durable. Lightweight, and very well designed for hunters

Colin S
Great pack

Beast pack. Love all the features, from the APP pouch to the gun rest notched in the frame. Couldn’t be happier with it. Good work!

David Gonzales
Great product

Well made lots of room and comfortable.

Ron A
Palisade 90 Pack System

After much research on the various packs out there I settled on the Palisade 90.
Key features I was looking for were a pack with capacity of 4500 to 5500 cubic inches, undivided central compartment with bottom access as well, side pockets for tripod, trekking poles, etc., organized top lid, H2O bladder pocket and most importantly for me, ability to centrally secure a rifle (meaning not on the side of the pack). The Palisade 90 meets those criteria in addition to offering the All Purpose Pouch (APP) and integral meat sling.

A few key points:
> Securing the rifle - butt pouch is deep enough such that I don’t anticipate the rifle coming out and the APP provides protection of the scope and action with sufficient means to secure the rifle under the APP. I’m going to use an extra pack cover I have to protect the barrel, scope and action from debris and moisture.
> APP - great concept to keep all things needed in one easily accessible pouch for tags, knives, game processing, etc. Various compartments are fine and should meet most expectations.
> Side pockets - easily accommodates my tripod, folding stool, trekking poles, etc. The top lid is designed to cover the opening but would have preferred to have a zippered access. Tripod head of course sticks out beyond the ability of the lid to cover it so not that critical.
> Smaller side pockets with buckled cover - still thinking through how I’ll use those.
> Integral meat sling - seems to be very functional. I would suggest that this be noted in the pack description. As I was figuring out how everything worked I ordered a meat sling and then realized I didn’t need it. I decided to keep it in case I want to completely detach the pack from the frame and pack out meat only.

I’ve begun to train with the pack currently loaded with 45 lbs and will move up to 60 lbs over the next several months. Normally I carry 35 - 40 lbs in. Pack is comfortable, secure and no issues so far. True test is once I get a tag and get into the field.

Overall the Palisade 90 meets my expectations with good quality, workmanship and key features.

Mike Telesmanic

Very well designed. Carries everything and more. Used the pack as a shooting platform on my recent oryx hunt. Highly recommended.



Frame Features


Shooting Notch

Get Support with the integrated shooting notch for a solid shot where the hunt takes you.

Sling Post

With built-in sling posts on both sides, the days of slings slipping off your shoulder are long gone.

Load Shelf

Hold quartered game securely in place with the hybrid load shelf.

Weighs: 60oz
Carries: Up to 200lbs
Modular: Train, Hunt, Haul

Fully Adjustable

With adjustable harness and hip belt suspension, you can count on a perfect fit, big or small.


Our patented frame system is rigid with a twist. The advanced polymer frame is agile enough to flex with body movements but rigid enough to keep things in place.

Fully Adjustable

With adjustable harness and hip belt suspension, you can count on a perfect fit, big or small.


Our patented frame system is rigid with a twist. The advanced polymer frame is agile enough to flex with body movements but rigid enough to keep things in place.

A Truly Modular System

Train, prepare, hunt, and haul with one frame system.






Start the Foundation

A good system starts with a solid foundation.
Get the Outdoorsmans frame and start your build.


Your System


Atlas Trainer

Carry up to 90 pounds using the same suspension system you'll be using out in the field. Train hard, hunt harder.



Pack in up to 4 gallons of water to stage at a blind or tree stand or fill a local catchment to help conservation efforts.


Palisade 90

The next generation Outdoorsmans pack - designed with versatility in mind.


Meat Sling

Strip down, load up and god with a meat hauling system perfected by decades of experience hunting out West.

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