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Outdoorsmans Palisade 90 Pack System

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Color: Coyote Brown

The Palisade 90 is an updated version of the Optics Hunter long-time favorite of western big game hunters. With some clever quality of life improvements and a new harness/belt system, the Palisade is the perfect solution for anyone who spends most of their time behind glass. The roomy side pockets can be compressed flat or fit tripods and large spotting scopes. The padded optics lid is perfect for storing binoculars up to 15x56.

  • 100% 500 Denier Cordura
  • 5,500 cubic inches
  • Large unpartitioned main pouch
  • Easy access side pockets (straps no longer interfere with pockets)
  • Bag separates from frame - allowing better load distribution
  • Includes removable All Purpose Pouch (APP) for tools/tags
  • Long-Range-style padded optics pocket lid (Also fits 6 breakfast burritos)    

All Purpose Pouch (A.P.P)

The APP (All-Purpose-Pouch) is a removable replacement for external pockets on the Outdoorsmans pack systems. Alternative names that were discussed were “Murder Kit,” "Murder Pouch," “Kill Kit,” and other inappropriate options. The APP features small zippered compartments that are perfect for storing knives, tags, emergency medical supplies and any other small items. If an Outdoorsmans pack is your pickup truck, the APP is your bed-mounted toolbox.

Size: 5500ci


Obsidian Black - 8.3lb
True Timber - 9 lb
Coyote Brown - 8.1 lb
Tactical Grey - 8.1 lb
OD Green - 8.1lb

(Listed weight includes bag, APP, and frame system)

60 Days Money Back Guarantee Lifetime Limited Warranty 100% American Made

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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Casey Sipe
The Best !

Thank you for making an incredible frame pack. This pack is the most comfortable pack that I have ever used. After receiving it I immediately took it on a 2 day camping/hiking trip. I wore the palisade 90 all day and thoroughly enjoyed it.
I look forward to taking this pack elk hunting in the fall

Casey Sipe

Steve T
Comfortable fit

The pack once adjusted conforms very well to your torso for a good fit. Have used on quite a few walking excursions making sure to avoid any issues or potential problems with and so far, it has performed well. Looking forward to using heavily this coming hunting season.


Perfect set up and size! Already packed a deer out on it. Should have bought one years ago!!

Palisade Backpack Review

Tons of space, lightweight and comfortable.

Stewart Martin
Palisade 90- would definitely buy again

Just purchased my first palisade 90. I did a lot of research and this was the best priced and I believe quality pack.

Is This Pack For You?

If you’re looking for a pack that looks pretty when your buddies take photos of you, this is not your pack. If you’re looking for a pack that matches whatever camo pattern is cool right now, this is not your pack. If a difficult pack out strikes fear in your heart, this is not your pack.

If you’re still with us, and you’re looking for a pack that’s designed to handle more weight than your legs can, this is your pack. If you’re looking for a pack/frame combo that you will still be using after 20 years and countless quarters, this is the pack for you. Read on to learn why.

A Firm foundation is everything

The cornerstone of the Outdoorsmans Pack System is the frame. Molded (deep in the woods of Wisconsin) from a proprietary polyurethane compound, our frame is designed to work with you rather than act as a backboard.

A load capacity of 200+ lb usually makes for a rigid, unforgiving pack. This is not the case with the Outdoorsmans Frame. This contoured platform is designed to be completely rigid in the vertical plane while offering just enough give in the horizontal plane to allow it to flex with your body. This means that when you need to duck under branches or brush, you’re able to move in a natural, yet safe way.

A small shelf at the bottom removes the possibility of sagging loads without adding unnecessary bulk and depth. This load shelf also allows the frame to “stand” when loading, unloading, or taking a break.

This frame has been thrown from cliffs while loaded with 100 pounds, run over by one-ton Super Duty pickup trucks, and remains completely functional. It absolutely refuses to die.

The Outdoorsmans Frame System also comes with a huge amount of modularity. This frame can be used for training, packing water, as well as quickly converting from a daypack to an expedition pack or strict meat hauler.

What About the Bag?

Now that you know what you can carry with this pack, what you need to know is how we’ve organized it. This system is designed to be used for western-style hunting where optics are prevalent and both pack-ins and pack-outs can be long and brutal.

Each bag is hand-sewn using 500-denier Cordura by our small cut-and-sew shop in western Oregon. There is nothing cheap or easy about producing textiles in the USA, but it’s the only way for us to guarantee the standards of quality and design freedom that we hold ourselves to.

Glassing Gear

At the top of the bag, you’ll find a padded compartment that’s made to hold a pair of binoculars up to 15x56. This is one of our favorite features, as it keeps your binoculars both protected and handy. We’re fighting the epidemic of folks carrying their binos deep in their bag, rolled up inside a puffy jacket.

Each side of the bag features full-length, pleated compartments that conveniently swallow up an entire Outdoorsmans tripod or any spotting scope (except the Swarovski 115 mm objective lens). Each of these compartments features compression straps that keep things nice and secure when on the move.

Meat Hauling

Although this pack excels when loaded with camping gear, it was primarily designed to haul meat. With the load capabilities of the Outdoorsmans frame, we aim to eliminate the need to carry both a “hunting” pack and a “hauling” pack such as a metal backpacking frame.

This bag can be quickly separated from the frame using the adjustable attachment straps or detached from the frame completely in a matter of minutes. When separated, the resulting space is perfect for hauling quarters using the load shelf. Loads can be securely fastened using the same attachment straps.

The main compartment of the bag itself is unpartitioned, save for the hydration bladder slot with a pass-thru hole for a hose. An unpartitioned bag makes for easier loading and unloading, and the durable liner pulls out for easy cleaning.

Admin Pouch

When comparing packs, the decision between them often comes down to organization. The Palisade 90 features an external admin pouch that we call the A.P.P (All Purpose Pouch). This pouch is attached with “gator” style clips, so it is completely optional. With mesh pockets, slots, and plenty of space, we’ve found this perfect to keep tags, knives, flashlights, and snacks in one place with quick and easy access.

The pleated water bottle pockets on each side fit up to a 32-oz Nalgene bottle and feature over-the-top straps with buckles to keep them secure. If you don’t need them, they lay flat against the tripod/spotter pockets.

At the bottom of this bag, you’ll find what’s commonly referred to as a “gun bucket.” The difference is that this centrally-located “bucket” will also accept the cam of a bow. The straps along the front of the bag are set up to secure any bow or rifle, and even a big rifle with a big scope can be passed through behind the A.P.P for added security. The central location of this weapon-carrying system helps with weight distribution and quick access when the pack is removed.

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