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Outdoorsmans Atlas Trainer Attachment

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Designed for the Outdoorsmans Frame System, the Atlas Trainer allows you to mount Olympic-style barbells to the frame, giving you a secure mounting position to carry weight more effectively.

Easily installed with a few Allen wrenches, this mounting bracket can be added to your existing Outdoorsmans Frame System.

Frame not included!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Richard Elliott
Really nice system

Like many people i have used sand bags in the pack/meat shelf in the past for weight training. While it is a cheap and effective option, you are then dealing with sand that seems to get everywhere. This system is really nice clean and well thought out. The post is long enough to hold two plates and the retention ring provides a lot of safety and good grip on the post. Not sure it would necessarily hold everything if one were to fall down a mountain, but very secure for normal use.

Ruck Training
Atlas on Molle frame

I installed the Atlas trainer on my Molle pack frame and it works great. The bolts that come with (4) are designed for Outdoorsman frames and are too short for the Molle. So, I placed the baseplate on the inside of the Molle frame (strap side) and the mounting plate on the outside (where the Molle pack usually goes) through the center hole in the Molle frame. The Atlas bumper mount screws into the baseplate tight, without much need for reinforcements. Nonetheless, I used zipties in place of the bolts to add extra reinforcement. My molle frame with Atlas can easily handle 45-70 lbs dry (ie without a camel pack). It could probably do well over that. With the bumpers its quick and easy to configure your training weight and the weight centers perfectly for your natural center of gravity during ruck training. Great product. I will probably buy another one just to have an extra on hand. I spray painted the metal Atlas which also worked out perfectly. Thanks Outdoorsmans!

Do you like spaghetti?

You will have no problem turning your legs into noodles with this on your Outdoorsman pack. Just add a 45lb plate and start walking.

Jordan Reid
Atlas Trainer

So far, loving my Atlas Trainer and the work out it’s giving me!

Patrick D.
Great training tool

Install was easy, look it up on youtube for the step-by-step. Solid piece of training kit.

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