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Swarovski Sale! Save Hundreds for a Limited Time! | Click Here.
Prep your gear for Hunting Season!

Prep your gear for Hunting Season!

Off-Season Gear Upgrades

The pre-hunt gear layout photo and checklist has become synonymous with the beginning of every hunting season. It is impossible to scroll through social media without seeing at least ten of these pictures almost daily. These gear layouts are cool to see but they can also be a useful tool to help you see what you need to upgrade after last season. Instead of doing these trophy gear photos right before your next hunt, take this time now to start the upgrade process. 

Depending on your budget, gear upgrades should go in order of most important to biggest want. We decided to put together a short list based on price point of the best upgrades you can make this off-season. 


One of the easiest pieces of gear to upgrade this season is the way you attach your binoculars to your tripod. We provide several options to mount almost every binocular on the market to a tripod, making hours of glassing much more comfortable. Our studs will fit most binos, but for those few models that don’t accept the 1/4x20” threading, we make the Bino Hand or our Ring Adapters.

If you're already running our bino adapters, another handy addition to your arsenal would be our Digiscoping adapter. The universal design fits on the back of any smartphone making it a lifelong piece; once you buy the digiscoping body you will only have to purchase new ring adapters each time you get a new optic!


Is your current tripod head harder to use than an old rotary telephone? Sounds like you need an upgrade! Lucky for you, our best-selling heads fall within this price range. If you like to run binos primarily and are more of a power-glasser, then our Pistol Grip head is perfect for you. If weight is your deciding factor in your gear list, then our Micro Pan Head at 7.5oz would be the one to get.

Our Frame System is a great option for those successful pack-outs this fall. While you are at it, you can go with our Atlas Training System. It utilizes the same Outdoorsmans frame system, making it the perfect compliment to anyone's pack collection.


If new tripod legs are your biggest need we have you covered. From the lightweight and space conscious Compact Medium, to the versatile Tall Tripod legs, we can tailor to your needs! Simply having a lightweight but durable tripod designed with you in mind can sometimes make all of the difference.

The classic Pan Head is a great upgrade, especially if you plan on running both binoculars and heavier optics like the Swarovski BTX.

Both our Optics Hunter Pack and our Long Range Pack are welcomed upgrades for any hunters collection. We meticulously designed these packs based on our past experiences, so you know either of these packs will satisfy all of your needs.  Check them out with all of the accessories so you can hunt longer and go deeper into the backcountry.

Make your gear layout the envy of everyone in your hunting community with just a few simple upgrades Everything on this list will help make your hunts this season go flawlessly and will keep you from cursing your outdated gear on a mountainside. Don’t go into this season wishing you would have tweaked your gear list, upgrade now to hunt more this fall!

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