Outdoorsmans Tall Tripod

$ 499.99
  • Ideal for terrain that requires standing and glassing
  • Machined aluminum
  • Extended height: 60"
  • Compressed height: 21.5"
  • Weight: 48 ounces
  • Add 17-34" with the Outdoorsmans Tall Centerpost Extension



The Tripod that Won the West

Using binoculars or a spotting scope without a tripod in 2018 is as questionable as muzzle-loading a rifle was after 1873. You can get the job done, but once you’ve felt the difference, it’s almost impossible to go back. 

No matter how steady you think your hands are, nothing beats the view from a rock solid platform. The Outdoorsmans tripod is the only one built specifically for the demands of western hunting, and has been put to the test all over the world. 

Become a one-man glassing army with the most hardcore tripod on the market.

If you hunt in country that often requires that you stand to glass, this tripod is for you. Fully extended it reaches up to 60" without a head; remember you can add another 17-34" with the Outdoorsmans Tall Center Post Extension (sold separately). This tripod does compress down to 21.5" allowing you to pack it in most quality day packs.

The new version of the the Outdoorsmans Tall Tripod features lever locks on the legs, instead of the twist locks of the original version. If you own the original Tall Tripod, give us a call. We can upgrade your tripod to the new locks, for a fee. 1-800-291-8065 

Proudly made in the USA



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