Long Range Pack System

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**Multi Cam on Backorder** 

Redesigned in 2016, the Outdoorsmans Long Range Pack System has new features that many customers have been looking for!

  • Our new padded optics pouch on the top lid will carry your 15's with ease.
  • The new Tripod Mounting System allows for quick and easy retrieval of your tripod.
  • This new design offers more pockets and dividers for small items.
  • A new feature is the ability for the bag to separate from the frame. This gives you the ability to carry meat and all your gear at the same time.
  • 7500 cubic inches of storage
  • Meat sling not included with the Long Range Pack System.
  • Accessorize with our Water Bottle Holder and Accessory Pod.


    Available in 3 materials

    • Multicam 500 Denier Cordura (7lbs 4oz)
    • True Timber 400 Denier Cordura with soft cloth overlay: (8lbs 2oz)
    • Coyote Brown 1000 Denier Cordura (7lbs 11oz) 
    The key to the Outdoorsmans Pack System is the frame. The curvature allows the pack to ride as close to your center of gravity as possible, giving you the stability of an internal frame, but the carrying capacity of the external frame. The polypropylene frame is rigid enough in the vertical plane to handle a 200 lb. load, yet is flexible enough to twist with your body while climbing or twisting through brush. The bag itself is attached at eight different points with easily inserted buckles. The bag covers a meat carrying system that is tucked neatly against the frame so you can convert your hunting pack into a meat packer in less than two minutes


      What are the main differences between the Outdoorsmans Long Range Pack and the Outdoorsmans Optics Hunter Pack?

      While both packs attach to the Outdoorsmans Frame System, The Long Range Pack is slightly larger at 7500 cubic inches, with the Optics Hunter at around 5500. The Long Range Pack also feature one large main compartment in stead of two.

      The Long Range pack also separates from the frame, allowing hunters to carry meat and gear at the same time. It also features a padded optics pocket on top and tripod/spotting scope sleeves on the side, which the Optics hunter does not.


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