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Outdoorsmans Long Range Pack System

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Color: True Timber
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The Outdoorsmans Long Range Pack was created as the expedition version of the Optics Hunter Pack and was the inspiration for many of the features of the Palisade 90. A very large, unpartitioned main compartment, glassing-minded layout, and integrated meat hauling system make this a true backcountry mule.


  • Padded optics pouch on the top lid will carry your 15s with ease.
  • Tripod Mounting System allows for quick and easy access to your tripod.
  • Extra small item/organizational pockets.
  • Bag separates from the frame, exposing a meat shelf and giving you the ability to carry meat and all your gear at the same time.
  • 7500 cubic inches storage

Available in three materials:

  • Multicam, Coyote Brown - 500 Denier Cordura (7 lb 4 oz)
  • True Timber - 500 Denier Cordura with soft cloth overlay: (8 lb 2 oz)

The key to the Outdoorsmans Pack System is the frame. The curvature allows the pack to ride as close to your center of gravity as possible, giving you the stability of an internal frame with the carrying capacity of an external frame.

The polypropylene frame is rigid enough in the vertical plane to handle a 200 lb. load, yet is flexible enough to twist with your body while climbing or twisting through brush.

The bag itself is attached at eight different points with easily inserted buckles. The bag covers a meat carrying system that is tucked neatly against the frame, so you can convert your hunting pack into a meat packer in less than two minutes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Chase Stewart
Huge Improvement over Optics Hunter

I had been looking at upgrading from an older optics hunter pack I had used over the last six years. To be honest I wasn't considering another outdoorsmans because I felt there were some downfalls with the optics hunter pack especially when packing heavy > 50lbs. However, when I stopped by the store in fountain hills I noticed enough changes and updates with the suspension and long-range pack that I decided to give it another try.
I haven't had this pack long but I was able to use it over the last week on two desert sheep hunts in Southwest Arizona. I logged around 14 miles over the course of both of these hunts with the pack on. I'm unaware of the exact weight in the pack. However, it was either hunting gear + heavy camera gear or the BTX with 115MM lens. The pack seated the weight perfectly and synched down tight without needing multiple adjustments throughout the hikes. I couldn't be happier with the performance and comfort. Great job on the updates outdoorsmans, you nailed it with this pack!
What I like:
- New suspension: I found with the old pack that weight would shift more to one side. This made long heavy pack-outs suck even worse. The new hip belt prevents that. It's much more rigid against the backside of the belt. The lumbar support is also much better and helps seat the pack well. The new synching style gets the hip belt tighter. I did not have to readjust the pack or re-synch. The outside of the hip belt provides easy attachment for accessories and holsters.
- Bag/Size: Even with this bag being 7500 ci it compresses down very well. I won't be using multiple packs now because this pack can do everything from day hunting to backpack hunting.
- Separating Bag/Frame: The bag easily separates from the frame with the adjustment of a few straps on each side of the pack.
- Pack Lid: Good size pockets for organization. I have never used the optics pouch on either of my outdoorsman packs for optics. However, it provides a nice padded case for any sort of electronics or breakable equipment. The lid also rides well when the pack is full or empty. I usually find with my other packs when they aren't full the lid rides off the top of the pack significantly.
What I Don't Like:
- Rifle/Bow carry: This was my favorite part of my optics hunter pack. I hate carrying my bow or rifle when hiking. With the old pack, I was able to utilize 5 different straps to help synch down. This prevented any movement or swinging. There are only two small straps on the long-range pack to utilize.
- Strap length: This is very nit-picky but some of the straps are much longer than need be. The hip belt has about 2.5 feet of extra strap on each side.
- Tripod/stool straps: these are the small black straps above the side pockets for strapping a tripod or stool. They are not sewn in place. They are inserted through a small sleeve. I had one of these pull through the sleeve. Not a big deal, just something I noticed.

Hi Chase!
Thanks for the thorough review. This is the type of review we will use to improve our pack system in the future.

As far as the strap length, we choose to leave all the straps long so that they can be customized by the owner. The hip belt is one of the most important. Check out this video on how we go about the process of trimming the straps. We promise you can't mess it up.

Jacob Lemon

Super excited to test it out

Unreal durability

I bought the long range pack around Christmas in 2014, 7 plus years ago. I use it for everything from packing in treestands, hauling out whole deer, to carrying out elk quarters. It is a beast, it is durable, it holds up when I cant. When packing heavy loads, it is very comfortable. The pack is design to place the weight correctly on your hips. I recently hauled an elk hind quarter and front quarter with the bone in, and the pack did a great job of distributing the weight. The market is heading toward "sexy" frameless packs...but dont be fooled, they suck for hauling heavy loads. You want this frame pack. I can Pack for an easy 7 day backcountry hunt in this thing.

Scott Posey
Long range pack system

This pack is very comfortable with many adjustments. It will haul more weight out then what you could possibly handle. Very strong zippers and material. The pockets are very nice and roomy. I am confident that it will handle anything that I would throw at it. The only thing that would stop it is me.

Jay Dobson
Superb System

So far it holds everything I have plus room left over for a week long backcountry early season muley archery hunt starting next week. This pack sits very well and is extremely comfortable. I have no doubts this pack will be stable throughout this hunt! More updates to come!



Frame Features


Shooting Notch
Get support with the integrated Shooting Notch for a solid shot wherever the hunt takes you.

Sling Post
With built-in Sling Posts on both sides, the days of slings slipping off your shoulder are long gone.

Load Shelf
Hold quartered game securely in place with the hybrid load shelf.

Weighs: 60oz
Carries: Up to 200lbs
Modular: Train, Hunt, Haul

Fully Adjustable

With adjustable harness and hip belt suspension, you can count on a perfect fit, big or small.


Our patented frame system is rigid with a twist. The advanced polymer frame is agile enough to flex with body movements but rigid enough to keep things in place.

Fully Adjustable

With adjustable harness and hip belt suspension, you can count on a perfect fit, big or small.


Our patented frame system is rigid with a twist. The advanced polymer frame is agile enough to flex with body movements but rigid enough to keep things in place.

A Truly Modular System
Train, prepare, hunt, and haul with one frame system.






Start the Foundation
A good system starts with a solid foundation.
Get the Outdoorsmans frame and start your build.


Your System


Carry up to 90 pounds using the same suspension system you'll be using out in the field. Train hard, hunt harder.


Pack in up to 4 gallons of water to stage at a blind or tree stand or fill a local catchment to help conservation efforts.


The next generation Outdoorsmans pack – designed with versatility in mind.


Strip down, load up and go with a meat hauling system perfected by decades of experience hunting out West.

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