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2023 Gift Guide

2023 Gift Guide

Mountain Couch

Get your cheeks off the hard ground and start sitting on the throne of pillowy comfort that is the Outdoorsmans Mountain Couch. I’ve spent hours sitting on this overkill glassing pad and will not leave home without it now. This isn’t intended for the ultralight backpack hunter. This is designed for the hunts where you're only a few miles from camp, or when you just want to add some comfort to your camp stool. Either way, your ass will thank you.

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By Kevin Guillen,
Wilderness Athlete


Stud and Adapter

I’m convinced that there isn’t a better value in the hunting industry than the Outdoorsmans stud & adapter! The ease of use, stability, durability, and functionality of this 2-part attachment system make these the best binocular accessories for glassing out West. It’s made of lightweight machined aluminum, is offered in different sizes to work with your binoculars, and is 100% made right here in the USA. If someone you know likes spotting big bucks and big bulls, then this is a perfect Christmas present or stocking stuffer option!

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By Pedram Parvin,
Western Hunter, Field Editor


Gen 2 Adapter

The Outdoorsmans Gen 2 adapter is the perfect gift for the hunter looking to increase the versatility of our Gen 1 tripod heads. This adapter will allow you to use both Outdoorsman'sand Arca Swiss plates. The ADM style clamp head makes it easy to quickly swap between your binos, spotter, and rifle.

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By Joe Mannino,
Outdoorsmans Manager


Garmin InReach 2

Back in the good-old-not-so-old days, there was a tree near the road to my favorite hunting spot that was known as the “phone tree.” For whatever reason, it was the only place for miles to get cell service. That meant to send a text to a family member or anxious girlfriend, we’d have to drive up, download or upload the message, and wait there to hear back. Not anymore. Now, I’m a Garmin man. This clip-on device is basically a cell service range extender for anywhere in the world. Get one of these to keep your spouse happy and your local Search and Rescue on vacation.

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By Levi Sopeland,
The Western Hunter, Videographer



Gen 2 Micro Pan Head

Every hunter in America is trying to find a way to cut weight from their pack. Coming in at 10.4 ounces and 3 inches tall, this backcountry workhorse delivers a silky smooth glassing experience in one of the lightest tripod heads ever made. This Christmas, why not give the gift that every hunter in America is searching for?

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By Bryce Cramer,
Outdoorsmans Customer Service


Gen 2 Aluminum Tripod

How do we Improve the best hunting tripod in the industry? Taking customers insights over the last 20 years led us to adding 2 inches to the height, along with an easier sleek push button design on the trunnion. Keeping the self service leg locks and adding interchangeable feet helps keep this field serviceable so you can stay in the field longer with the needed tools. Still made in America. Still the best. Still from The Outdoorsmans.

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By Chad Dembinksi,
Outdoorsmans Customer Service



Vortex Fury 5000

Give the gift of efficiency for Christmas! The Vortex Fury 5000's built in angle compensating rangefinder and applied ballistics gives fast and accurate ranges on any target without ever taking your eyes off the binoculars. All at an unbeatable price.

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By Josh A.,
Outdoorsmans Logistics

Swarovski 10x42 EL

Since 1999, the EL has undoubtedly been the premier piece of glass in the industry. The NL Pure has taken some of its shine, but it still rises above 99 percent of all other binoculars that have come since then. The timeless dual bridge design and crispy edges will always have a place in my heart. They also just became a whole lot more affordable.

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By Brody Layher,
Outdoorsmans, Customer Service


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