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Outdoorsmans X Kifaru

Outdoorsmans X Kifaru

Kifaru gear now at Outdoorsmans!

It might come as a surprise for us, a company who makes a hunting pack, to start selling gear from Kifaru – a brand whose bread and butter in the hunting industry is backpacks.

Admittedly, that gave us pause as well, but only until we remembered our core priorities. #1: our customers. Sometimes an Outdoorsmans pack isn’t the right fit for a person or the right pack for the hunt they’re going on. Offering some items from Kifaru not only gives our customers options to consider, but it gives them options we believe in.

This brings me to #2: American products made by American hands. Like Outdoorsmans, Kifaru has always remained dedicated to manufacturing its products in the USA with USA-sourced materials. That makes them an ally in this economy and in this age of investing in American made manufacturing – not only to the benefit of the products, but the people whose job it is to build them, as well.

Aron Snyder has been a long time believer and user of Outdoorsmans tripods and heads, putting them through their paces more than most people on the planet. Their gear, like ours, is tested extensively and designed with real field experience steering the wheel. Kifaru has always supported Outdoorsmans, and now we’re supporting them – and you.

To start, on our online store and in our showroom, you’ll find the full lineup of their Binocular Harnesses and accessories, Field Quivers, some small accessories like pull-out pouches and game bags, and a couple of their more popular pack platforms they offer. Please let us know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see with this partnership so we can make the most of it for you!

Check out our collection of Kifaru gear here.

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