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  • Outdoorsmans X Kifaru
    February 1, 2024 Kevin Guillen

    Outdoorsmans X Kifaru

    Kifaru gear now at Outdoorsmans! It might come as a surprise for us, a company who makes a hunting pack, to start selling gear from Kifaru – a brand whose bread and butter in the hunting industry is backpacks. Admittedly,...

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  • 2023 Gift Guide
    December 13, 2023 Mark Denham

    2023 Gift Guide

    Mountain Couch Get your cheeks off the hard ground and start sitting on the throne of pillowy comfort that is the Outdoorsmans Mountain Couch. I’ve spent hours sitting on this overkill glassing pad and will not leave home without it...

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  • Outdoorsmans Goes Arca
    June 1, 2023 Levi Sopeland

    Outdoorsmans Goes Arca

    It’s been a topic of conversation for years – in the mountains, on social media and online forums, and in the back rooms of Outdoorsmans HQ. Why isn’t every tripod adapter system based on the Arca-Swiss dovetail? Well, for the...

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  • Wake Up Call
    February 23, 2023 Joe Mannino

    Wake Up Call

    I enjoy hunting with my father. It’s always been nice to be able to get away from the hustle of daily life and spend some quality time together. I look forward to these trips every year that we’re lucky enough...

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  • Swarovski NL Pure
    July 2, 2020 Mark Denham

    Swarovski NL Pure

    Swarovski has once again pushed the bar higher with their latest release, the NL Pure. This entirely new binocular is light - weighing in at under 30 oz across all models, compact, and astonishingly comfortable. Form Factor The cylinder’s new form...

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  • Pistol Grip Maintenance
    July 1, 2019 Dan Hall

    Pistol Grip Maintenance

    Our customers know that all Outdoorsmans products are backed by our lifetime service guarantee; and while we stand by that promise, dragging packs and tripods through mud, rain, rocks, and snow can affect performance throughout the life of the product....

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  • 15X56 Buyer Guide
    February 14, 2019 Ashley Hulme

    15X56 Buyer Guide

    This is absolutely a personal decision based on your income level, your desires and your needs. Once you decide on what you can afford, then we can start pointing you in the right direction. Personally, I suggest you always buy...

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