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Swarovski EL 8.5x42 SWAROVISION Binocular (With Free Binocular Stud Installation)

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The Swarovski EL binoculars combine maximum functionality, innovation and design. The unique wrap-around grip enables comfortable operation even with one hand. Low weight and excellent balance make light work of long observation periods. The sophisticated top-class optical system delivers high-contrast, lifelike image quality. The revolutionary SWAROVISION TECHNOLOGY from SWAROVSKI OPTIK enables an image quality in the new EL 42 previously unequaled in binoculars. The combination of field flattener lenses and HD optic ensures impressive image resolution over the entire field of view. Thus providing outstanding contrast even when observing at dusk. Eyeglass-wearers also benefit from the full wide-angle field of view due to the large eye relief distance.

The image focus of the new EL 42 has never before been achieved in any binoculars. The field flattener lenses used produce a virtually flat image. As a result, even the finest structures and smallest details are reproduced with razor-sharp clarity right up to the image edge. For the first time ever, the observer obtains a perfect image with no annoying distortions. The outstanding image quality over the entire field of view means less refocusing and allows you to identify every detail at lightning speed. The observers peripheral vision will be able to see small movements and identify colors and patterns at the edges of the image with greater ease.

The fluoride-containing HD lenses minimize color-fringing (chromatic aberration) for contrast-rich images with razor-sharp outlines. As a result, significant improvements in resolution and contrast are achieved by comparison with conventional grades of glass. Experience completely new insights into natures world of shapes and colors.

The new EL 42 stands out by comparison with other binoculars due to a larger eye relief of the exit pupil. This enables even eyeglass wearers to survey the entire wide-angle field of view and enjoy the new ELs unique edge sharpness. The removable twist-in eyecups are individually adjustable in three stages. In addition to the maximum position (completely twisted out) and the setting for eyeglass-wearers (completely twisted in), the eyecups also have a snap-in intermediate stage.

Magnification 8.5
Objective Lens (mm) 42
Field of View @ 1000 Yards 399
Close Focus Distance (ft) 4.9
Weight 1lb 14oz
Dimensions (in) L6.3 x W5.2 x H2.4
Stud Adaptable Yes
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60 Days Money Back Guarantee Lifetime Limited Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Paul Tanca
Swaro 8.5x42 EL - Worth every penny

I can't get enough of these binoculars. I have the Swarovski SLCs in 10x42 and also the Swarovski Companion CLs in 8x30 and as great as those two binoculars are, the ELs are just that much better. My wife and I just got back from an Alaska cruise, and she was blown away. She never understood why I spent so much on my glass, until this vacation. Now she's asking me when I can buy her a pair. Who knows, I might have a set of Pure's in my future.

However for the price point of the ELs, they can't be beat. If these are on your short list and you can afford it, pull the trigger. Just when you think you have the image dialed in perfectly, you move the focus wheel a millimeter and the image improves even more. I debated a long time over the 8.5s and the 10s, the field of view on the 8.5s is too good to pass up.

Lastly, but certainly not least.. the team over at Outdoorsman is outstanding. I buy all of my optic gear from them. For this trip I decided to pack a little lighter than usual.

What I took on this trip:
-Standard size Outdoorsman tripod (with the green neoprene leg covers)
-Outdoorsman Telescoping Center Post (tall size)
-Outdoorsman Panner
-Outdoorsman Pistol Grip Head
-Outdoorsman Binocular Adaptor (tall size)
-Swarovski EL 8.5x42mm
-Swarovski Companion CL 8x30mm

Swarovski fan
8.5x42 great option

The field of view is good, but what sets it apart is the clarity. Compared them against the pure 10x42 and for me the locking diopter was the selling point. Very comparable to my 10x42 el range. Same field of view and very similar weight. Just easier to handle when a rangefinder is not needed.

Paul Tanca
Swaro EL 8.5x42mm - Best of the best

I own 3 Swaros currently and the EL 8.5x is by far my favorite pair of binoculars. They are so incredibly versatile. These are the cream of the crop. I know lots of people are tempted to step up to the Pures simply because they are the latest and greatest. Don't get me wrong, the Pures are top tier Alpha glass, but don't just go off of the specs. Go and put eyes on them first. I tried the Pures next to the ELs and for me, I couldn't notice much of an optical difference between the two (outside of the improved field of view on the Pures). What did make a difference to me was the dreaded 'rolling ball effect' in the Pures. I couldn't use them for more than a couple of minutes at a time before I'd start to feel motion sickness. Not the case with the ELs.

If you're looking for some of the best glass in the world, the ELs qualify. They are called the "Legend" for a reason.

Oh, and I have to call out Outdoorsman's customer service. The guys over at Outdoorsman are outstanding. Top tier service with a smile. I highly recommend buying from these guys. Terrific buying experience.

Michael Palomino
EL 8.5 x 42

I ordered the EL’s since they were not in stock at the moment. They came in earlier than expected. I went to the store, met with a very helpful and friendly staff member who delivered the binoculars.

Once I put the glass to my eye I saw in immediate difference from my older version of the 10x50 SLC’s.

I’m an eye glass wearer. The eye relief was long so I didn’t have to crush my glasses to the optics to get a full field of view.

The view was crisp, clear from edge to edge and the field flattening Appeared to have a greater depth of field than my older SLC’s.

I use the glass for birding and hunting. Placing them on the tripod is the best way to use the glass. It’s so easy to see movement due to the clarity and solid mounting.

I would recommend the glass to anybody that wants a premium quality glass.

PS. The stud was installed perfectly and the polished metal was a nice addition. My older pair had a black finish.

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