Outdoorsmans Swarovski Binocular Stud

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  • Fits the SLC line of Swarovski
  • 8x42 Razor
  • 10x42 Razor
  • 10x50 Razor
  • 12x50 Razor
  • 15x56 Kaibab
  • 18x56 Kaibab
  • 20x56 Kaibab


These Outdoorsmans studs can be used on your Swarovski SLC (except SLC 8x30) Binoculars in combination with the Outdoorsmans Tripod adapter to mount your binoculars to a tripod. Proudly made in the USA. NOT FOR SWAROVSKI EL RANGE OR EL BINOCULARS.

Weight: .25oz

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