Outdoorsmans Binocular Adapter

$ 59.99
  • Lightweight Machined Aluminum
  • Securely locks binoculars in place
  • Part of a two part system
  • Studs sold separately



This quick release adapter is designed to fit most all modern full size binoculars, including the Swarovski EL with Outdoorsmans exclusive EL stud attachment. This adapter is one part of a two part system, this along with our stud attached to your binocular allows you to mount them to a tripod. Your optics are locked in with a quick twist of the knurled knob. This is by far the lightest and strongest adapter available. Call for details on the type of stud needed for your binoculars including the Outdoorsmans exclusive EL stud attachment. Can be used with other brands of tripods by adding their style of 1/4x20 tripod plates.

Stud sold separately.

Proudly made in the USA.




How does the Outdoorsmans Bino Adapter attach to my tripod?

The Bino adapter can be threaded directly to the tripod using a 3/8 stud, or can be used with any of the Outdoormans Quick Release adapters, like the Outdoorsmans Dual Mount, Pistol Grip, Micro Pan Head and Pan Head.

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