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Outdoorsmans BTX Balance Rail

$ 149.99
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The BTX Balance Rail is specifically designed for the BTX with a 95 mm or 85 mm objective lens. The Balance Rail attaches to the bottom foot of the optic and supports the objective lens and eyepiece for a much more solid base. The bottom of the rail is already contoured to fit Arca Swiss style heads but if you are using another adapter type, you can use one of the four 1/4-20 holes on the bottom to attach your quick release plate. At only 2.75 ounces, once it's on, you won't leave home without it.
The Balance Rail will work with a 1.7 ME attached. All mounting hardware is included.

ONLY works with BTX with 85 or 95 mm objective lens.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
shane smith

Love the Outdoorsman’s balance rail. It DOES work with my Konex neoprene cover without having to remove the case. Good job!

Btx balance rail

It does help it balance out but no longer fits in the Marsupial case and is not easily taken off

It works

Having this on my BTX 85 helps by allowing me to center the weight of scope on my tripod head. This makes it so that I don't have to crank down the tilt lock so much, which results in a noticeably more stable system. I think it is printed plastic and is pretty lightweight.

Jason Stevens
A great lightweight, less expensive option - but falls short

I was excited to get this product and use it. I am still excited about it, with a few disappointments;

1. It is far lighter that the Swarovski version - by A LOT
2. It is far more low profile than the Swarovski version - by A LOT
3. The overall length is shorter than the Swarovski version - by A LOT


1. The blasted thing wont fit in ANY soft case when installed. Not Marsupials, not Outdoorsmans own case - NADA. It wont fit with the Outdoor Vision skin installed, either.
2. Because the base is "pressure fits" against the eyepiece, you have to remove the entire unit to swap out eyepieces or magnifiers. This is time consuming and problematic in the field. What if you drop the screw, or forget the allen wrench? It makes on-the-fly modularity not-so-on-the-fly.

My hope is that Outdoorsman will continue to refine this product to the point it is even MORE low profile and will allow for quick-disconnect.

Mark Miner
Doesn't come with Allen wrench

I've got a Swarovski BTX / 95 objective spotting scope that I use with a 1.7 magnifier. The balance rail fits both situations and is easy to insert into an Arca Swiss mount. Balancing is easy. That's the good.

The balance rail has a bolt with a 7/32" hex opening for attaching to your optics. Sadly, it does not come with an Allen wrench, which is needed for change outs. Imagine being in the field and not having what you need. I called Outdoorsmans and their reply was an Allen wrench costs too much. Really???

Very disappointed.

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