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Swarovski Sale! Save Hundreds for a Limited Time! | Click Here.

Outdoorsmans BTX Balance Rail

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The BTX Balance Rail is specifically designed for the BTX with a 95 mm or 85 mm objective lens. The Balance Rail attaches to the bottom foot of the optic and supports the objective lens and eyepiece for a much more solid base. The bottom of the rail is already contoured to fit Arca Swiss style heads but if you are using another adapter type, you can use one of the four 1/4-20 holes on the bottom to attach your quick release plate. At only 2.75 ounces, once it's on, you won't leave home without it.
The Balance Rail will work with a 1.7 ME attached. All mounting hardware is included.

ONLY works with BTX with 85 or 95 mm objective lens.

Weight (oz) 2.89
Material Polymer
Dimensions (in) L8 x W2 x H1 1/2
60 Days Money Back Guarantee Lifetime Limited Warranty 100% American Made

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Phone: 1-800-291-8065
Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM – 5PM MST
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Steve M
It just makes sense

In the past I've just attached the larger than life spotting scope combo right to the pan head. After using the BTX combo with adapter that my friend had, it was a no brainer, it just makes sense. The whole thing balances so much better and really just is easier to work with by having the adapter. I am just bummed I didn't get it earlier.

Victor Woods
Balance rail

Worked out well. Glad I got the 115 objective case the BTX , balance rail are really tight in there.

Robert McKay
Great Product

This is great! It's much lighter and provides much better support than the balance rail which Swarovski make. The Swarovski one is way too heavy and over-engineered. I use this one with a 4.5 inch lens plate from ProMediaGear, attached underneath. This gives the whole thing more rigidity - and the safety stops on the lens plate prevent the telescope from accidentally falling out of the tripod head, if you loosen the clamp. I wish there was version of this rail which was built to fit with the Swarovski stay-on-case attached. But I’m going to try using a mounting screw into the telescope which is a bit longer than the one provided. That should allow some extra space for the stay-on case. And I wish this rail had a lower profile. It seems to be about 0.75 inches higher than it needs to be. A lower profile would get the weight of the telescope closer to the tilting pivot point on the tripod head. This should increase the tilt range you get, before gravity takes over and the telescope tries to flop forwards or backwards. But overall, I’m very happy with this product and I highly recommend it.

Jeff Castoe
Balance Rail

Love it a lot simpler than Swarovskis

BTX Balance Rail

Moved the BTX with 85 mm lens to a better spot and reduces the chance of tipping over

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