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New BIG EYES from Swarovski Optik

It has been a while since a new product has come onto the market that truly has the ability of changing the landscape of glassing for big game. The introduction of the SLC 15x56 comes to mind. The BTX has a chance to be an even bigger game changer. No more will you have to squint or deal with eye strain when using your spotting scope. Like we have always said two eyes are better than one, and now the best spotting scope on the market allows you to use both eyes to see the unseen!

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Expected Ship Date: May/June 2017


New Swarovski BTX Technical Data


• Uses the visual power of both eyes to make the image appear more natural and vivid. 

• The BTX features an adjustable forehead rest, an angled ocular system and the fact that both eyes can be used for viewing with maximum comfort over long periods 

• The BTX Modular uses the 95 mm, 85 mm and 65 mm Objectives of the current SWAROVSKI OPTIK ATX/STX Modular system. 

• The 95 mm objective will be a fixed 35X. The 85 objective a fixed 30X. The 65 objective a fixed 30X. 

• Features SWAROVISION Technology – Field Flattener and High Definition Lenses: Gives perfect edge to edge clarity, eliminates several kinds of distortion, brings out the highest color contrasts and offers increased eye relief. 

• The interpupillary distance is adjustable, just like on a binocular. In the case of the BTX the eyepieces operate simultaneously so they remain centered – No need to move away from the forehead rest while adjusting. 

• The black housing which incorporates the forehead rest, can be removed for cleaning 

New Accessories

ME 1.7x magnification extender 

• This magnifier fits between the ocular and objective modules of the BTX/ATX/STX series. It increases the 30X magnification of the 65 mm and 85 mm objective modules to 50X and the 35X magnification of the 95 mm objective modules to 60X. 

• If the ME 1.7X is used with the ATX/STX ocular and the 65 mm or 85 mm objectives, the maximum magnification is 100X. 

• If the ME 1.7X is used with the ATX/STX ocular and the 95 mm objective the maximum magnification is 120X. 

BR balance rail 

• Designed to be compatible with the Arca-Swiss mounting system 

• Two support points for complete balance and stability 

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