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Outdoorsmans Fluid Head

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For years, our customers have been asking us about producing a larger version of our existing Pan Head that can tackle the big jobs of the glassing and shooting world. Once again the masterminds at Rim Country Manufacturing have knocked it out of the park.

The Fluid Head offers a smooth-as-glass pan and tilt and, as always, is made completely from billet aluminum. With most fluid heads, weight is a major concern. This indestructible piece of equipment only weighs 23 ounces. That is nearly half the weight of similar pan heads.

If you are currently using Arca Swiss-style quick release plates you are in luck, and if you are using Manfrotto-style quick release plate you are ALSO in luck. The

The Outdoorsmans Fluid Head comes with two sets of jaws that can be installed to accommodate both Arca and Manfrotto style plates.

Check out the NEW, optional Arca/Outdoorsmans 2-in-1 jaw set.

Taking your fluid head into sheep country is no longer a pipe dream.

*Pairs perfectly with a BTX Balance Rail

Adapter plate not included with the Fluid Head

  • 23 Oz.
  • 100% Billet aluminum
  • Fluid pan and tilt similar to a pro video head.
  • Supports 20+ lb.
  • 4-Position swappable handle
  • Dampening fluid pockets
  • Interchangeable jaws for Manfrotto and Arca plates
  • Works with BTX Balance Rail

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Best head ever!

Worth Every Penny

Been out with this fluid head a handful of times so far and it’s been an absolute dream. It handles my BTX/ATX 95 no problem! I tried using my spotter setup a few times with my Outdoorsmans pan head - and while it worked - it was nothing compared to this fluid head. If you have any sort of larger spotting scope set up I would definitely give this fluid head a shot. The old sayings of ‘buy once cry once’ and ‘you get what you pay for’ ring true with all of the Outdoorsmans gear I’ve purchased through the years. More than worth the 12.5oz weight difference for me.

Fantastic head!

I have 4 other tripod heads from other companies and not one of them had all the easy to use features like the fluid head the levers are big and easy to use when you are looking through the glass and it holds my 85 stx solid so you can change elevation and pan smoothly without it flopping when you let go. It’s a must!

Absolutely superior.

I am very impressed so much so to write a public review.

1. Pan - totally weightless panning
2. Spring assisted tilt
3. removable pan/tilt arm.
4. Bullet proof and lightweight.

Pan head works, fluid head excels.

For a big optic like a spotting scope, I can't imagine not having this head. The smooth motion and weight are huge benefits to any style of glassing and hunting. I can finally lug around a big, stable head without breaking my back.

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