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Outdoorsmans Tripod Gen 2

$ 1,399.00

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How do you top the best hunting tripod ever created?

It took us a while to figure it out – about 20 years. You can’t imagine the amount of noise in our collective ear when it comes to the materials we use. When we initially looked into carbon fiber, we discovered that although the strength-to-weight ratio is obviously fantastic, most types were lacking in our aspect of top priority – durability.

After two years of working with various carbon and carbon composite manufacturers, we settled on a completely new compound construction of carbon fiber and Innegra. The marriage of these two technical materials plus redesigned components made from our bread-and-butter anodized 6061 T6 aluminum has created a tripod that’s so tough, we’re really not sure what it would take to break it. It’s also more user-friendly while maintaining the charm and legacy of the original. Typically, when you make a tripod lighter, longevity and stability are the first aspects to go out the window. We are happy to report that this is not the case with the Gen 2.

Think of it this way: Each model of our tripods has been to fat camp, then boot camp, then space camp. The result is a set of tripods that are significantly lighter (11 oz on the Tall) and significantly stronger while maintaining their stability. We hope you can appreciate how awesome that is.

The Gen 2 series of tripods is also based on the idea that hunters often have a need for multiple tripod setups for different applications. This family will soon include a full line of modular options including leg materials, sizes, attachments, interchangeable feet for different types of terrain, and more.

It would have been easy for us to make a cheap carbon fiber tripod in China and call it a day. Fortunately, that’s not how we do things.


  Weight Height Compressed

Height Extended

Carbon Compact 1lb 15oz 14.75in 38.25in
Carbon Standard 2lb 3oz 18.5in 53in
Carbon Tall 2lb 6oz 21.5in 63.25in
Aluminum Compact 2lb 7oz 14.75in 38.25in
Aluminum Standard 2lb 13oz 18.5in 53in
Aluminum Tall 3lb 1oz 21.5in 63.25in

Load Capacity  35 lb
60 Days Money Back Guarantee Lifetime Limited Warranty 100% American Made

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The Most Durable Hunting Tripod In the World Gets an Upgrade

For 20 years the Outdoorsmans Tripod has been the preferred glassing platform of serious hunters across the West. That's two decades of experience and data we've gathered to make fine adjustments and create something truly special.

We've made some small tweaks which greatly improve the overall use, quality of life, and durabilty of our tripods. The Outdoorsmans Gen 2 Tripod is, without a doubt, the most effective in-field tripod in existence.

Welcome to the next era of your glassing setup.

A Design Built to Last a Lifetime


The Gen 2 Tripod uses a blend of materials to ensure the lightest, strongest, and most stable glassing platform possible while keeping the constraints of a hunter in mind. The trunnion, locks, and pivoting mechanism are machined from aircraft-grade 6061 T6 aluminum. The leg sections are made from a blend of carbon fiber and Innegra – The first of its kind.

1000-Year Service Life

We've designed the Gen 2 Tripod to be indestructible. That being said, the world is often unpredictable, so we've designed virtually every piece to be self-serviceable both in and out of the field. We don't expect repairs to be common, but it's nice to know you can do them yourself.

Modular Components

Each section of the Gen 2 Tripod is designed be modular. The feet can be swapped for different types of terrain, the leg tubes can be interchanged between Carbon Innegra and Aluminum (coming soon), and the Center Post can be replaced with one of our various size options. We provide the platform, but you make the tripod truly yours.


Lightening Fast Deployment

Keeping in line with our entire glassing system, the Gen 2 Tripod deploys and is ready to use in seconds.

  • Lever locks: We'll die on this hill, they're better and faster.
  • 3 Leg Sections: Less is more, in our opinion. Limiting the legs to three sections allows greater weight capacity and simplicity.

Unmatched Stability

  • Weight Capacity: Handle any optic on the market with ease. Shoot rifles off of it, shoot movies off of it; there is virtually no limit here.
  • Center Post Hook: Threaded center post allows addition of a ballast hook for added stability.
  • Vibration Dampening: The ultra-tight weave and extreme rigidity of Carbon Innegra offers superior vibration dampening.

Built with Pride

Each and every piece of the Gen 2 Tripod is built to last a lifetime and every single component is made right here in the United States..

  • Material: Made from CNC-machined 6061 T6 Aluminum and Carbon Innegra composite.
  • Hunter Resistant: Hot? Cold? Hit it with a sledgehammer? Good luck breaking it.
  • DIY: All parts are easily serviceable, cleanable, and replaceable.
  • Stay Safe: Includes protective case.

Tech Specs

  Weight Height Compressed Height Extended
Carbon Compact 1lb 15oz 14.75in 38.25in
Carbon Standard 2lb 3oz 18.5in 53in
Carbon Tall 2lb 6oz 21.5in 63.25in
Aluminum Compact 2lb 7oz 14.75in 38.25in
Aluminum Standard 2lb 13oz 18.5in 53in
Aluminum Tall 3lb 1oz 21.5in 63.25in

What is Carbon Innegra?

Innegra is a high-performance fiber that is used in a variety of applications, including sports equipment, automotive parts, and other products that require high strength and durability. Innegra is made from a type of polypropylene, which is a lightweight and strong plastic material.

It is known for its excellent toughness and impact resistance, which makes it ideal for use in applications where these properties are important. Some of the specific benefits of Innegra include its ability to absorb shock and impact as well as its resistance to UV light, moisture, and chemicals.

“As one of the lucky few to be able to test the Gen 2 tripod, I have to say it's damn impressive. It looks like nothing I've ever seen before! It's somehow lighter AND more stable, and it feels like I could let an elephant stomp on it without worrying at all.”

- Gary

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Brian Lopez
Gen 2 pan head

The head has worked smoothly and as expected.

Anders Christianson

All of my hunting buddies and I agree that this is the best head on the market. We have it paired with the carbon tall and all around its the best setup!

Trey Benson
Gen 2 Tripod

Great product. Very solid base for glassing. I’ve added several components for my Leica Geovids and a shooting base. Easy to switch out for whatever hunting situation you find yourself in.

Bryan Stave
Awesome experience with Kody and amazing products.

Super happy with the entire experience!

Patrick Kirby
Standard tripod

Well built, lightweight, mixes Well with outdoorsman accessories

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