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Outdoorsmans Binocular Adapter

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Tall vs Short

Our Tall Binocular Adapter works best with 56mm objective lenses to allow a full range of adjustment. It also provides an additional inch of vertical length on the glassing setup.

The Short Binocular Adapter works nicely with 50mm and smaller objective lenses and can be left attached to the stud for storage inside a bino harness in some cases.

One Click.

Imagine a cool morning. The sun peeking over the mountain range in the distance. The distinct sounds of wildlife awakening from all directions.

Put yourself there and imagine fumbling around with a cumbersome binocular system, or worse, hand holding your optics. Think of the extra noise, time, and movement you may miss while you are struggling to set up.

Now imagine not missing a single second of that opening scene. The only sound you add to the mix is one click. Imagine that with one click, you are able to enjoy it all and get a closer look at any piece of it. When you're ready to move on to the next ridge, one click is all it takes to get going.

One click to frustration-free glassing.

  • Lightweight Machined Aluminum
  • Securely locks binoculars in place
  • Short Binocular Adapter Height  - 3.5"
  • Tall Binocular Adapter Height - 4.5"

    Important Notes
    This is a 2-part system - Studs Sold Separately

    How does the Outdoorsmans Bino Adapter attach to my tripod?

    The Bino adapter can be threaded directly to the tripod using a 1/4x20 stud, or can be used with any of the Outdoormans Quick Release adapters, like the Outdoorsmans Dual MountPistol GripMicro Pan Head and Pan Head.


    Why do my binoculars tilt side to side?
    When the adapter is in the fully locked position you may notice that the binoculars are still able to tilt from side to side. This is intentional and necessary for two reasons:

    1. Glassing on flat ground is not a common occurrence and being able to level the binoculars is vital to staying comfortable and effective while glassing.
    2. Mistakes happen and sometimes spills can happen. If something like that were to happen, having a little give in the adapter will help to reduce damage and impact.

    Have any questions?

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    Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM – 5PM MST
    or hit the chat button during store hours.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 256 reviews
    Aaron Jacquez
    Great product

    I purchased the taller adapter. Easy use great quality and best adapter I’ve owned. Works great with my vortex ridgeview tripod.

    Craig ELLIOTT
    Binocular adapter

    Just purchased my second binocular adapter from the outdoorsman bought the larger one for a larger pair of glass. Have looked at other ones but will always go back to them as they are the best on the market hands-down

    Sean Downey
    Works perfectly

    High quality item

    Great solution for Tripod mount

    The short adapter works great with the Sig Kilo 3k BDX binos.

    Zachary Stahman
    Works great

    Works great but i think the base of the adapter should be milled to arca spec.

    Hey Zachary! We currently don't offer an adapter that's milled with the Arca-Swiss bevel, but we do have this simple attachment that seamlessly converts the adapter from the Outdoorsmans bevel to Arca-Swiss.

    Check it out here:

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