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Mounting your Binoculars to a Tripod

Mounting your Binoculars to a Tripod


Mounting your Binoculars to a quality tripod is a must for the serious western hunter. Without the stabilization of mounting them to a tripod while glassing, you will be missing a majority of the game you are glassing for.

At Outdoorsmans, we have built the absolute best binocular tripod adapter for your binoculars and we are the leader in mounting any binoculars or optics to a tripod.

Installing the Outdoorsmans Binocular Adapter and Stud on most binoculars is very simple. The only exceptions are Swarovski's EL and EL Range series and the Zeiss Victory SF (The SFL series is DIY) and Victory HT line due to their dual-bridge design. These require professional installation, which we offer through a very safe, streamlined process. This service does not void the warranty and is easily reversible in the event of resale.



 For information on the Swarovski EL Stud Installation, watch this:


For mounting Leica Binoculars to a tripod, we offer the most effective solutions – the Outdoorsmans Binocular Ring Adapter and Bino Hand:


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