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Worth the Wait: Swarovski BTX Dual Eyepiece

Worth the Wait: Swarovski BTX Dual Eyepiece

It’s rare when the hype of a new product is overshadowed by the actual performance of that product. The Swarovski BTX is one product that has far surpassed the hype leading up to its release. The demand for a product like this in the hunting industry was something no one was prepared for, and for that reason the supply is having trouble keeping up. Swarovski is addressing this demand by stepping up production of the BTX but it is going to take a little time to catch up and get ahead of demand.

We will continue to update everyone as more information is provided to us on the status of this amazing piece of gear and we can truly say that this is one of those items that is honestly worth the wait!

The Swarovski BTX Eyepiece

Now the best spotting scope on the market allows you to use both eyes to see the unseen!

See the Swarovski BTX

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