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Checking it Twice

Checking it Twice

Written By: Jake Rush - Store Manager

“Did you bring the…” These dreaded words will inevitably be muttered on every hunt this coming fall! Whether you are packing to go deep into the backcountry on a multi-day hunt, or just a one day trip into the woods when time permits, having a list of essential gear can make or break your hunt. Making a list and checking it twice isn’t just for Christmas Carols anymore.
In my younger days, my hunting partners and I would load up on a Friday after work and take to the hills to hunt whatever was in season that weekend. Typically, on these trips at least one of us would forget their release, binos, sleeping bag, or something crucial to the success of that hunt. As I got older, the list of things I forgot started to outweigh the list of items I remembered. It wasn’t until I met my wife that I discovered the art of list making. Well, it actually took me about six years and counting before I truly believed her on the importance of lists.

This hunting season I am working on a two-list system. The first list I made was my “Crucial list.” These are items that without, I might as well stay home and not even waste the gas. On this list would be your tag, weapon of choice, ammo or arrows and broad heads, optics, tripods, pack, maps, phone and knives. My second list is “Essentials”. This list consists of food, clothing, tents, first aid kit, sleeping bag, game bags, boots, and toilet paper. While my Crucial list may change hunt to hunt depending on what tag I have, the Essentials list is always the same from hunt to hunt.
If you start incorporating lists like these into your hunting adventures there is no doubt that the words, “Did you bring the…” won’t be followed by soul crushing disappointment. So, this season, make your lists and check them twice before heading out!

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