Top New Products from Shot Show 2018

Top New Products from Shot Show 2018

1. Zeiss Victory RF

With an array of innovative features and unmatched optical performance, the Victory RF with Bluetooth technology presents the new benchmark in optoelectronic and connected rangefinding binocular technology.

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2. Leica HD-B 3000

For the first time ever, the new Leica Geovide HD-B 3000 allows for linear distance determination up to 3,000 yards. Barometric pressure, temperature and angle are also included in the measurements and calculate the correct point of aim with the highest precision. With a microSD memory card and the Leica ballistic calculator users can import their individual ballistic parameters to their Leica Geovid HD-B 3000 and thus receive measuring data perfectly adjusted to load and calibre. 

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3. Zeiss Victory Harpia

This spotting scope combines an extraordinary optics system with a large lens diameter of up to 95 mm and a 3-times wide-angle zoom with up to 70× magnification. The extremely wide field of view allows for unobstructed glassing. The maximum sharpness and DualSpeed focus of the lens is impressive in every situation, in all temperatures and in all weather conditions.

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4. Kahles 3.5 - 18x50

The K318i is designed for tactical use and long distances. The clearly defined clicks along with the exceptional repeat accuracy provides the highest reliability and precision possible. The patented TWIST GUARD windage prevents an accidental movement of the windage with it’s freely rotating end cover. This also allows the shooter a fast and unhindered handling of the windage without the cumbersome need of “locking” and “unlocking.”

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5. Leupold Mark 5HD

The new Leupold Mark 5HD weighs 20 ounces lighter than other scopes in its class. The superior edge-to-edge clarity and extreme low-light performance are immediately noticeable as well as the versatility of the Combat Competition Hunter reticle. With three revolutions of elevation adjustment, the Mark 5HD was built to max-out the performance of the latest long range rifles. Plus changing magnification quickly is easier with the high-speed throw lever. The ergonomic design along with the audile click adjustments and larger numbers allows you to shoot accurately, faster.

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6. CRF 2700

The new feature of the ability to use a programmed micro SD card containing your ballistic profile makes this new handheld the most customizable rangefinder on the market. With the capability to range out to 2700 yards in less than a second, it is also one of the fastest. The ballistic compensation ranges out to 1000 yards and angle compensation works out to 200 yards. This is definitely a handheld rangefinder that does it all.

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7. Browning X-bolt

The Browning X-Bolt series of rifles has earned a reputation as one of the most accurate out-of-the-box rifles in the industry. The features found on the new X-Bolt Pro are normally only found on custom rifles. The X-Bolt Pro stock is a true carbon wrap with a textured grip panel, palm swell and a durable Cerakote finish. Both the bolt and barrel are fluted with a loner target style bolt handle that also has a full Cerakote finish. All calibers come standard with a threaded barrel and muzzlebreak. Browning offers the most popular calibers such as the 6.5 Creedmoor and the 26 and 28 Nosler. Short actions weigh 6.1 lbs and long actions come in at 6.9 lbs.

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8. Benchmade Altitude Knife

A knife that can take on any task that you can barely feel in your pack is not something to ignore. The Altitude utilizes the extremely strong S90V steel coupled with a DLC coating to be extremely durable and hold a razor edge. The entire knife only weighs 1.67 ounces. You won’t even have to think about throwing this knife into your pack. It’s a no brainer for any type of hunt.


9. Kaibab 18x56

Vortex has introduced a very interesting item this year. Combining the reliability and tested power of the 15x56 and the promising 20x56 models, the 18x56 is something to watch. The new model is considerably lighter yet the same size as the 15x56 but has new accents on the armoring.” Or we can just eliminate Vortex all together.

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10. Swarovski CL 8x30 & 10x30

The new Companion series of binoculars from Swarovski come with huge improvements. The new CLs have a brand new look as well as brand new glass. Compact binoculars will no longer mean sacrificing image quality, at just 17 oz these won’t load down your pack at all.

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