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The Gen 2 Carbon Innegra Tripod

The Gen 2 Carbon Innegra Tripod

How do you top the best hunting tripod ever created?

It took us a while to figure it out – about 20 years. You can’t imagine the amount of noise in our collective ear when it comes to the materials we use. When we initially looked into carbon fiber, we discovered that although the strength-to-weight ratio is obviously fantastic, most types were lacking in our aspect of top priority – durability.

After two years of working with various carbon and carbon composite manufacturers, we settled on a completely new compound construction of carbon fiber and Innegra.

Innegra is a high-performance fiber that is known for its excellent toughness and impact resistance, which makes it ideal for use in applications where these properties are important. Some of the specific benefits of Innegra include its ability to absorb shock and impact as well as its resistance to UV light, moisture, and chemicals.

The marriage of these two technical materials plus redesigned components made from our bread-and-butter anodized 6061 T6 aluminum has created a tripod that’s so tough, we’re really not sure what it would take to break it. It’s also more user-friendly while maintaining the charm and legacy of the original. Typically, when you make a tripod lighter, longevity and stability are the first aspects to go out the window. We are happy to report that this is not the case with the Gen 2.

Think of it this way: Each model of our tripods has been to fat camp, then boot camp, then space camp. The result is a set of tripods that are significantly lighter (11 oz on the Tall) and significantly stronger while maintaining their stability. We hope you can appreciate how awesome that is. Mark’s hair literally fell out while working on this project.

This is truly space-age stuff; maybe even beyond. We set out to create a new version of the Outdoorsmans tripod with different materials, then we realized that there was potential to create something completely unique and spectacular.

The Gen 2 series of tripods is also based on the idea that hunters often have a need for multiple tripod setups for different applications. This family will soon include a full line of modular options including leg materials, sizes, attachments, interchangeable feet for different types of terrain, and more.

It would have been easy for us to make a cheap carbon fiber tripod in China and call it a day. Fortunately, that’s not how we do things.

For the weenies:

You may notice there is an increase in cost. Pricing on this series of tripods reflects the tremendous amount of engineering, coordination, and materials that it takes to make a product like this, and that’s before you consider that it is 100% made in the USA. We’ve spent hours searching for a comparable piece of gear, but we have not found one because there is truly nothing else like it.

Get yours here!

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