Customer Stories - By Sgt. Daniel Baker

This happened while I was on leave from my deployment overseas. All my life my father used to take me hunting and teach me the ways of the outdoors. When I joined the military, I continued to hunt during my off time, but he only did when we would get together during Thanksgiving. We would do some grouse Hunting. So when I found out my leave was during Thanksgiving, all I wanted to do was head out into the woods with him and my family.

My girlfriend took this photo as she always has a camera out. When I returned overseas she emailed me it, and I couldn’t help but reflect on all the years that my Father mentored me on hunting and life, and how now I was standing over him, helping him. I know it is hard to see, but the rest he is using is the Optics Hunter Bag. He couldn’t get a steady shot, so I went into my truck, grabbed the bag that goes with me everywhere (wish I could deploy with it) and I showed him the V-notch in the frame to use as a support. Instantly he was splitting arrows and wondering how to walk away with the bag. Guess I will have to get him one when I get back after Christmas.

Well the crossbow got zeroed, but we didn’t find any grouse. Despite this the hunt was a success in my books!

The Optics Hunter is now the Palisade.

Using the same legendary frame system, we've updated the bag to meet modern requirements.

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