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Why Mount Your Binoculars to a Tripod?

Why Mount Your Binoculars to a Tripod?

Mounting your binoculars to a tripod.

 It's pretty much a given, if you purchase a spotting scope you are going to use it on a tripod.  It doesn't matter if you are from New York, Wyoming or Africa, every hunter I meet understands that you can't use a spotting scope, unless it's mounted to a stationary object such as a tripod.  Binoculars are another story...

2001 was the first year I mounted my Binoculars to a tripod and I have never questioned why since that first trip to mountains to glass for mule deer.  My binoculars were $150 entry level glass mounted to a Bogen Tripod, but the difference in what I was seeing was astounding.  Yes, even with cheap glass, the tripod made a huge difference in how long I would glass and what I would see.  I have had a quality tripod & bino adapter with me ever since that day.   

14 years later, I am now a professional hunting guide which allows me to use the best gear, including the Outdoorsmans Tall Tripod & Binocular Adapter.  I am amazed at how many hunters still come into camp without the ability to mount their binoculars to a tripod and often question why we do it. This last week we had x4 hunters in camp and NONE of them had a binocular adapter.  I really don't think they knew how important this piece of gear was to our success!

Freehand vs Tripod Glassing

Glassing freehand vs glassing with a set of binoculars mounted to a quality tripod, isn't even a fair comparison; it's literally like taking a knife to a gun fight!

Here is my perspective, which may sound a bit forward, but it's exactly what I am thinking...  

If you do not mount your binoculars to a tripod or at least have the products to do so, you are NOT as good as a hunter as you should be.   You are missing out on 1 of the single MOST important pieces of gear that has EVER been made for hunters.  PERIOD. 

So, why mount your Binoculars to a Tripod?

  • It stabilizes your view (wind or no wind)
  • Physically gives you the tools to glass more effectively
  • Mentally gives you an edge to glass longer
  • Enables you to relocate animals & landmarks quickly
  • Let's you grid up the country with both eyes open

Below is a link which will show you how we use the Outdoorsmans System to mount your binoculars to a tripod:

Mounting your Binoculars to a Tripod

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