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Talking with Cody Nelson (co-owner) of the Outdoorsmans

Talking with Cody Nelson (co-owner) of the Outdoorsmans

Cody Nelson co-owner Outdoorsmans

If you have ever been in the Outdoorsmans store, stopped by the Outdoorsmans booth at a show or even called the store to discuss our products or optics, you know how passionate Cody Nelson, co-owner/manager, of the Outdoorsmans is with regards to hunting, optics and family.  But if you just follow the Outdoorsmans brand via magazines, TV or the web, you probably don't even know who Cody is, because he isn't the type of person who cares about being a face in the industry or wants recognition.

Cody truly loves talking hunting and optics, he doesn't try to sell you just anything, he tells you what he uses and why, then lets you make the best decision after giving you the facts.  For me personally, I love it, because Cody will just say what he feels, which makes it easy for me to make a decision on what I need as a serious hunter and guide.  He has his hands on all the latest and greatest products, plus he knows optics for the purpose of hunting, not bird watching or sight seeing.    

To learn more about the pulse of the Outdoorsmans brand, products & services,  listen as Cody talks with Jay Scott on episode 73 of Jay's Podcast:

 Tap/Click below to listen via iTunes for iphone or ipad:

*episode 73 Glassing & Optics with Cody Nelson of the Outdoorsmans

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