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Western Hunting are you Evolving?

Western Hunting are you Evolving?

Western Hunting Evolves

Sometime ago, I read an article in Western Hunter Magazine, which was written by Randy Ulmer.  He was discussing how he & his family use to jump shoot mule deer when he was a kid & how inefficient it was to solely use this tactic today.  After I digested Randy's article I realized, Randy had evolved into one of the most efficient & smartest hunters of his era, while many of his generation chose to stick with old tactics & strategies; he chose to EVOLVE. 

So, often we use the terms "AVERAGE or NORMAL" when we refer to ourselves in hunting, which are misused terms, because we are not defining what we are referring to...  From my perspective, we are generally talking about our hunting skills & income levels, which are completely non-related, but somehow we have inner twinned them.  I would encourage you to separate those & to refrain from using the terms "AVERAGE or NORMAL" as generic terms to describe yourself.

evolving as hunter

If you are truly serious about advancing your skills as a hunter it doesn't take a monster budget, but it does take time & effort to increase them. You are also the only one who can chose to evolve as a Western Hunter, bowhunter or hunter.  I can't, nor can anyone else do it for you, you have to do it on your own.
Things you should be doing to increase your hunting skills:
  • Read, Listen & Watch credible content across multiple platforms
  • Reach out to credible successful hunters via email, social media or in person
  • Be open to new tactics & strategies
  • Practice with your gear (shooting, glassing, etc...)
  • Learn about the game you are hunting
  • Spend time in the woods
  • Be prepared to make mistakes or fail in the field

As your skills begin to climb up the ladder you will find that you don't ponder over upgrading your hunting gear as often as you once did. You will see the value of what you want & if you want it bad enough, you will prioritize things in your life to get the set of 15x56 Swarovski Binoculars you have dreamed about.  By increasing your skills, you will simply have a better understanding of what gear is necessary & what gear is not.  

Never let the brand of gear you currently use or your wallet define your hunting skills, that is simply under mining your ability to achieve your personal goals. 

Swarovski SLC 15x56

The preferred method of glassing shifty coues deer, mule deer, open country antelope and elk.

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