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TriClawps Solo

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Our favorite clamp-style rifle rest.

The new Triclawps Solo now allows you to quickly tighten and loosen the clamp with a simple twist of the oversized handle. The Solo still has the same great quality as the original plus some added features like a 3/8 hole on the side for any accessories you would like to add.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Kyle Hedden

I cannot imagine a sturdier way to position a rifle. I recently used this to sight in my 45-70, it was great for holding the gun steady while doing so, I preferred it over sand bags. This will be great for long-distance shots, much better than a good bipod, and lighter weight since I'm already bringing a tripod.

Chip Bell
Excellent Longrange rest

Was fortunate enough to make a 585 yd shot on a nice NM Pronghorn with the standard tripod , rear rifle rest and the super stable Triclaws clamp sitting on my BTR stool all bought right here on outdoorsman’s. Best guys In The industry to work with.

roger Fellows
Final piece to the puzzle

I have the Outdoorsman complete tripod system including the rear rifle stock rest. The TRICLAWPS was the missing piece. I tried my nephews Bog Pod with the claw and immediately ordered the TRICLAWPS. I am totally impressed with how steady I am now able to hold on target. With my complete tripod system along with the ability to shoot off my pack back when necessary I feel like I have most every situation covered. Thanks.

johnny bunsen
Triclaw solo

Perfect for my trigger stick!

Tony Gill

Works well and far superior to the Bog Pod Death Grip .

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