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Swarovski Sale! Save Hundreds for a Limited Time! | Click Here.

Swarovski NL Pure FRP Forehead Rest

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Adding a third contact point for maximum stability, the headrest attachment for the NL Pure makes hand-holding a truly pleasant experience for the first time. Adjustable for various positions and easily removable, we consider this a critical companion to the NL Pure.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Must have for 10&12x NL binos

With the magnification of 10 & 12x Binos, hand shake can be a big distraction/annoyance. The forehead rest DOES provide much needed stability to make viewing more enjoyable, allowing for observation of finer details possible.

The addition of this simple and innovative device makes the Swarovski NL Pure Binos the unrivaled best on the market binoculars.

Shannon Jordan
Game changer

I have the EL 10X42s and I wasn’t sure how much difference the NL 12X42s would make but I was hoping to see more detail without packing a spotting scope. So far, I can already tell a huge difference. The added power is very noticeable but the clarity is unbelievable. I ordered the FRP forehead rest and was surprised at how much difference it makes in steadiness. I’m glad I made the upgrade. It was well worth it.

Nice addition

The forehead rest was a nice addition to the Pure binoculars. Never thought a small point of contact would make a difference in stability. I’m glad that I was advised to add it to my purchase.

David A.
A must have

When I was shopping for the NL pure I watched the outdoorsmans video about the head rest. I thought I would give it a chance and I am glad I did. Where I primarily hunt the tripod is a useful tool but most glassing is done freehand. The forehead rest is game changer and really shines when your wearing glasses.

NC Yellowfin
Pure genius

The forehead rest is a very good addition to the Nl Pure glass. It adds more stability, plus gets you into position (once adjusted for you) to get optimal light transmission and visual clarity out of these binos. The Stud and adapter make them very stable on a tripod, for less eye strain while glassing and the perfect platfor for the digiscope adapter. Great product.

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