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Outdoorsmans Rifle Rest

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When mounted on top of your tripod, this rifle rest will provide the stability you need for long range shots in the field. It is machined from aluminum and skeletonized to provide superior strength with minimal weight. The ears fold inside the rest providing an ultra compact, easy to pack rifle rest.

Tripod and head are not included.


Weight: 5.25oz

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Customer Reviews

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Rifle rest

Light, reliable well built!

2 more animals off the rest

I took my Alaskan moose at 300 yards earlier this year off this rest, my tripod, and the Outdoorsmans pan head. I shot him from a kneeling position with my 300WM rested on this. The first shot did the job but I put the second a few inches from it as insurance. I started out with the crosshairs wobbling over a 10" circle due to adrenaline but after a few deep breaths was able to shrink the circle to 3" or so. Adrenaline was still high at the time, but that was adequate precision.

Tonight I took a nice 160 class whitetail off the same set-up at 370yds. I was in a spot where I couldn't get closer. The buck spent 20 minutes sparring with another buck lightly. I didn't trust him to stay stationary broadside long enough to shoot until they were done. Finally with light starting to fade they separated and he offered a quartering toward me shot. I fired the 300 and dropped him in his tracks.

Having the tripod and rest let me have my rifle almost ready without having to be supporting it myself all that time. Grass height made a prone shot impossible, sitting behind the tripod was my only option. With regular practice I'm able to make shots like these with a 300WM that is under 8lbs with scope, ammo, sling, everything ready to hunt. With a heavier rifle it's even steadier. The pan head lets me fluidly track animals while waiting for that shot, or locks down to hold the rifle until it's time to get on the scope.

Rifle Rest

The best rifle rest on the market today! If you need superior support for your big magnum or for a youth model rifle, this rest will meet your long range needs!

Steadier than single V rests

I bought one of these Rifle Rests for my Outdoorsmans pan head. Hunting around my home in Kansas I typically can't shoot prone due to tall grass. I spend a lot of time glassing with 15x Swarovski binoculars so my tripod is already out and close to the right height. It is very quick to swap the binos for the shooting rest when an animal I want steps out. I've taken deer to 321yds sitting behind this set-up. It is steady enough to reach further but I have not had the need to hunting, just practicing. I've also used it predator calling when carrying a heavy rifle for educated coyotes that hang up at longer range late in the season while my partner carries a faster set-up for quick shots. I have not used the rear rifle support like the video shows just this rest. When I go on western hunts using this rest on the tripod I pack for my binos and spotter anyway lets me skip packing shooting sticks or a bipod. It's steadier than using trekking poles with the wrist straps looped over each other as I had done in the past. Having 2 points of contact with the rifle instead of a single one and the pan head really adds stability for me.

The only downside I have found is that the ears to hold the rifle do rattle a bit when locked in either the folded or upright positions. It hasn't been an issue but is something to be aware of. Shots when I've needed it have been long enough the noise hasn't mattered. It's been a great product and I will continue using it.

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