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American Made

Outdoorsmans Rear Rifle Support

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Outdoorsmans Rear Rifle Support: Used on the Outdoorsmans tripod in conjunction with the Outdoorsmans Rifle Rest gives the shooter rock solid stability for long range shooting. With a micro adjustable rear stock cradle and almost infinite adjustability on the main arm, there is no situation that the Outdoorsmans Rear Rifle Support can't handle. 

Weight 10.5 oz.

Tripod and head are not included.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Outdoorsman Folding Rifle Saddle w/Rear Support

I recently shot a beautiful Mule Deer at 400 yards in Colorado with an Outdoorsman Folding Rifle Saddle with a Rear Rifle Rest using a Micro pan Head on a Standard Outdoorsman Tripod. Setup was extremely stable and allowed me to stay on the deer for almost two hours until the shot was presented and taken. The entire setup does require practice to setup quickly. Being able to switch from my spotting scope to rifle rest in the back country was key in saving weight.

Brent Stalkup
Truly impressed.

When it is necessary to shoot off a tripod which happens a lot in thick cover and tall brush, I have found that this rear rifle rest makes the rifle about 70% more stable than without it. It is easy to be critical and find flaws in a product and I must say that I have not found any in this rest. There is a little slack in the rest itself, without this it wouldn't be able to be so incredibly adjustable. The wobble in the legs of the tripod when fully or mostly extended is the main source of instability, but it's manageable. I am very impressed with this rest. The adjustment screws even have stops on them so they don't fall out in the field.

Victor Woods
Not stable

Was tickled pink initially but after hunting with it,it’s not stable enough. Wiggles a lot.

Jeff F
Very stable rifle support

Just received and set up at home. Rock-steady support. Will require a bit of practice so when seconds count you can get set up and make the shot. Overall weight of the tripod, head, hogg saddle and the back arm support will be a factor as to how far you want to take the whole set up, but if you have time to set up for a longer shot, it should be hard to beat.

Victor Woods
Tickled pink

Love the way it sets up. Micro knob will take practice but,just Practice.

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