Outdoorsmans Custom Turret

$ 129.99

Range... Dial... Shoot!

Current lead time: 7-10 Business Days

A custom turret is not an original concept; there are companies that build them for a variety of different scopes. However, the Outdoorsmans Ballistic Turret is the only one that combines the industry-leading optical qualities of a Swarovski riflescope with the precision of a custom-built turret.

The starting point is a Swarovski ballistic turret (BT) riflescope. If you already own one, great! Otherwise, you can purchase one directly from Outdoorsmans (1-800-291-8065). Then when ordering the ballistic turret, the Outdoorsmans staff will need to know your precise ballistics. Don't worry if you are not that familiar with all the terms; we will walk you through the process and help you find the needed information.