Kowa Highlander 32x82 With FL BL8J3

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PROMINAR MODEL - Fluorite Crystal Lenses Besides a normal 'Achromat' lens, we have prepared a 'Prominar Apochromat' model with fluorite crystal lenses available for those seeking higher optical performance. These fluorite lenses eliminate color blur (chromatic aberration) , improving resolution and contrast.

High optical technology for excellent viewing: 82mm diameter objective lenses are fully multi-coated to enhance viewing, ensuring clear visual range and sharp images. The eyepiece is designed to provide a wide field of view with ample angle and high eye point for easy and less tiring viewing. Optional interchangeable 50X and 21X eyepieces are also available. The 'Highlander' is not only for astronomy but fulfills the needs of observation and hunting professionals. Waterproof Body with High Durability: The strong yet lightweight die-cast aluminum housing is extremely durable, with a rigid structure that can endure hard usage. The housing is waterproof and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent the lens from fogging. Eyepieces are set at a 45 degree angle, allowing for easy, long term observation. Set-up Mount: Allows for easier set-up. You only have to push in the eyepieces. Just pull them out for detachment. Focusing: IF(Individual Focus) system. Focus each ocular individually. Hood: Prevents unnecessary light and raindrops. Additional Specifications: Optics: Fluorite Lens, Effective Diameter of Objective Lens: 82mm, Minimum Focusing Distance: 66 ft, Size: 16.9'x9.4'x5.9', Weight: 13.6 lbs Specifications: Model HIGH LANDER HIGH LANDER PROMINAR Effective Diameter of Objective Lens 82mm Achromat(f=450 F5.48) Apochromat(f=450 F5.48) Minimum Focusing Distance 66ft Size (L x W x H) 16.9'x9.4'x5.9'(without extending the hood) Weight 13.6 lbs (with standard eyepieces) Warranty: Lifetime of the product

'Highlander' tripod mount included.


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