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Outdoorsmans Bino Hand

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The Bino Hand allows you to mount almost any binoculars on the market to your tripod for better stability. The easy-to-use ratchet strap retention system allows for a rock-solid mounting option.

Weight: 4.25oz

Recommended for dual bridge binoculars or any binoculars that cannot mount using the Outdoorsmans Binocular Adapter.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Well constructed. Sturdy. Works amazingly well. Super happy!

Bino hand

Works great for my geovids and my 15s. Im actually liking it as much or better than the post and stud

Rock Solid

I was a little nervous about movement when buying the Bino Hand because it only hold one barrel of the binoculars. There is no need to worry! This thing clamps them down so good my tripod head will move before thy budge.

I have only had one problem with the Bino Hand so far and it was the coating. It fell from about 4 feet (luckily without optics attached) and flaked the coating off where the ratchet is.

Outside of that minor issue this product is solid!

Very Solid

Bought the Bino Hand for my Leica Geovids since I couldn't find anything else that would work and didn't want to mess with the Tray Leica sells. This works great and very securely holds my binos. Very easy to unclip my Leica's and pop in just about any other bino.

Excellent Bino Adapter

I use the Bino Hand for my Leica Geovid HD-Bs. The design of these binos doesn't allow for the installation of a stud (sadly), and they can't accept one of the ring adapters. So, another adapter is required. Compared to the Leica bino adapter (and every other similar universal bino adapter), the Bino Hand is tiny and disappears in a pack or cargo pocket. The ratchet strap mechanism is brilliant, holds securely, and is easy to use (after a little practice). Paired with my Outdoorsmans Pistol Grip Head, long glassing sessions are quite enjoyable now. No more wobbling and not taking the time to effectively glass. If you have a set of binos which don't take a stud or a ring adapter, I highly recommend the Bino Hand!

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