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Conquest HD 10x42

At 345 feet the CONQUEST HD 10x42 offers the largest field of view in its class for an optimum panorama, even at long distances. At the same time the new design with its perfect ergonomics ensures particularly easy operation, comfortable observation and precise focussing in any situation. Add even more versatility with the FREE binocular stud & adapter with your purchase for a limited time!


Conquest HD 15x56

Spot game under the most challenging light conditions with maximum brightness and brilliant high-contrast images. The 15 x 56 is perfect for glassing distant canyons and long views that are out of reach for 10's and too close for the spotter. Mount these on a tripod for the ideal mid-range glassing setup. For a limited time, get a FREE binocular stud & adapter with your purchase!

Spotting Scope

Victory Harpia 95

The powerful Victory Harpia 95 is the ideal companion for counting rings on a ram or tines on a bull at distances beyond what most spotting scopes can render a clear image. For a limited time, you'll also receive a FREE Marsupial Gear case with your purchase!

Spotting Scope

Conquest Gavia 85

With up to 60x magnification and a 85mm objective lens, there's not much you won't see with the Conquest Gavia 85 spotting scope. Add in a FREE Marsupial Gear case and you'll have the perfect setup for the hunting season.

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