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  • Outdoorsmans Binocular Adapter

    $ 69.99

    Tall vs Short Our Tall Binocular Adapter works best with 56mm objective lenses to allow a full range of adjustment. It also provides an ad...

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  • Outdoorsmans Universal Binocular Stud

    $ 19.99

    The Outdoorsmans Universal Binocular stud can be used in any binocular that has a 1/4x20 threaded housing between the objective lenses. (Pentax, Ka...

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  • Outdoorsmans 1/4-20 Adapter Plate

    $ 19.99

    Adapter plate for all Outdoorsmans Quick Release systems Easy to install on all optics, cameras, or non-Outdoorsmans bino adapters Machined alumin...

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  • Outdoorsmans Swarovski Binocular Stud

    $ 19.99

    Fits Swarovski SLC Binoculars (except 8x30) 8x42 Razor 10x42 Razor 10x50 Razor 12x50 Razor 15x56 Kaibab 18x56 Kaibab 20x56 Kaibab Description ...

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  • Outdoorsmans Pan Head

    Original price $ 439.99
    Current price $ 399.99

    The workhorse of the Outdoorsmans tripod heads, the Pan Head, was built to be lightweight but carry a load. With an easy twist of the pan or tilt...

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  • Outdoorsmans Quick Release Adapter

    $ 56.99

    Exclusive Outdoorsmans Quick Release Adapter Allows for rapid interchanging of tripod accessories Use in conjunction with Outdoorsmans Tripod ...

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  • Outdoorsmans Pistol Grip Head

    Original price $ 241.99
    Current price $ 219.99

    This is the only pistol grip tripod head available that was designed by hunters for hunters. With a quick squeeze of the handle, you can quickly ch...

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  • Outdoorsmans Atlas Trainer Frame System

    $ 299.99

    Ever trained with rocks or sandbags in your pack? We have too. Although our packs are great for that, we decided to save our hips and kne...

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  • Outdoorsmans Tall Tripod

    $ 549.99

    The Tripod that Won the West Using binoculars or a spotting scope without a tripod in 2018 is as questionable as muzzle-loading a rifle was after 1...

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  • Outdoorsmans Shooting "V"

    $ 69.99

    The Outdoorsmans Shooting "V" can be used with any one of our quick release heads to allow you to rest the forend of your rifle on it for a more ...

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  • Outdoorsmans Micro Pan Head

    Original price $ 362.99
    Current price $ 329.99

    The Outdoorsmans Micro Pan Head is a great option for the ultralight hunter. Weighing in at only 7.5 oz, it can hold any pair of binoculars and mos...

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  • Outdoorsmans Center Post Extension

    $ 109.99

    If you hunt in country that often requires that you stand to glass, this tripod addition is for you. This accessory can add significant flexibility...

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  • Outdoorsmans Window Mount

    $ 129.99

    A new take on an old favorite. The Outdoorsmans Window Mount features a quick release adapter mounted to a solid machined aluminum base. Now you c...

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  • Outdoorsmans 3/8 Adapter Plate

    $ 19.99

    The Outdoorsmans 3/8 adapter plate is used for adapting the Outdoorsmans pistol grip tripod head to any of our quick release style adapters. It is ...

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  • Outdoorsmans Compact Tripod

    $ 549.99

    The Tripod that Won the West Using binoculars or a spotting scope without a tripod in 2018 is as questionable as muzzle-loading a rifle was after ...

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  • Outdoorsmans iPhone Digiscoping Case

    $ 59.99

    Designed for the iPhone, this digiscoping body allows you to use our NEW Adjustable Rings or standard digiscoping rings on a sleek new phone case. ...

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  • Outdoorsmans Waterproof Rainfly

    $ 34.99

    Waterproof rainfly for our Long Range Pack and Palisade 90 Pack

  • Outdoorsmans Long Range Pack System

    $ 529.99

    Redesigned in 2016, the Outdoorsmans Long Range Pack System has new features that many customers have been looking for! Our new padded o...

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  • Outdoorsmans Hydration Holster

    $ 19.99

    It's hot out there. Fortunately, this bad boy can handle a 32oz Nalgene bottle and keep you hydrated before, during and after a long stalk.  Custom...

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  • Outdoorsmans Arca-Type Quick Release Plate

    $ 19.99

    Made in U.S.A adapter plate with Arca-Swiss bezel. Includes 1/4-20" threaded stud.

  • Outdoorsmans NL Pure Stud

    $ 50.00

    Designed for use with the Swarovski NL Pure and the Outdoorsmans Binocular Adapter System.

  • Outdoorsmans Palisade 90 Pack System

    $ 499.99

    The all new Palisade 90. A next-generation Outdoorsmans backpack. 100% 500 Denier Cordura 5,500 cubic inche...

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  • Outdoorsmans Neoprene Leg Covers Set

    $ 36.00

    Protect your investment from the environment with the Outdoorsmans Neoprene Leg Covers. Made specifically for our tripods. Short - Fits our C...

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  • Outdoorsmans Euro Stud

    $ 19.99

       The Euro Stud was designed for the Meopta and other similar styles of European Optics. Weight: .25oz

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