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Swarovski BTX/ATX/STX 95mm Modular Objective

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The Swarovski ATX/STX 95mm Modular Objective can be combined with either the ATX, STX, or BTX Modular Eyepiece.


  • Field Flattener Lens: Contrast right up to the image periphery, spot greater detail at the outer edge of the image

  • HD Lenses: Maximum Contrast, provides more life-like high contrast images

  • Extra Eye Relief: Large field of view for eyeglass wearers.

  • Optimized coatings: SWARODUR, SWAROTOP, SWAROCLEAN

Optical Perfection - Combines a large field of view with a large zooming range (25-60x & 30-70x)


  • One-handed operation: focusing and zooming ring are located next to each other which enables quick locating and zooming

  • Large focusing wheel allows for easy and rapid focusing

Solutions for Photography And Digiscoping

    • DCB II - For use with point and shoot and pancake lenses cameras

    • Compatible with the eyepieces of the ATS/STS & ATM/STM (adapter sleeve and a locking ring needed)

    • TLS APO - Developed as a complete system with the ATX/STX

    • Connect D-SLR or mirrorless cameras

    • Compatible with ATS/STS and ATM/STM (adapter sleeve and locking ring needed)


Technical Data



Effective objective lens diameter (mm)


Exit pupil diameter (mm)


Eye relief (mm)


Field of view (ft/1000 yds / m/1000 m)

104-57 ft / 35-19 m

Field of view (degrees)


Field of view, apparent (degrees)


Shortest focusing distance (ft / m)

15.7 ft / 4.8 m

Diopter correction at _

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ryan Slater
The Moon

When you can see the flag that Neil Armstrong placed on the moon during the day, you know you have the right optic. Two thumbs up!

Super nice objective!

I bought the 95 and put it on the STX eyepiece with plans to get the BTX next year. Compared to my previous 65mm vortex Razor I think I only added less than 2 pounds to my overall weight to carry a spotter. I was stuck between getting the 85 and 95 and after chatting with Joe Mannino I settled on the 95. I still do several backpack style hunts but I’ll never have to worry about getting adequate light out of my objective. It’s really incredible to see to clarity at 70x when my old spotter was useless if you turned up anything over 20x. This thing also balances on my Outdoorsmans pan head without issue. I’m sure that might change when I get the BTX but for now it’s absolutely awesome. Can’t wait to start using it more this summer when I start scouting.

Gordon Brooks
Swarovski 95mm Objective

Outdoorsmans customer service was excellent, Thanks Kody!
My Objective arrived in perfect condition, when I mated it with my new STX Eyepeice the Light gathering was awesome. I will be spending many days in the field with this new setup. Great Product, Great Craftsmanship.

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