Pistol Grip Head

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  • Designed by hunters for hunters
  • Lightweight 9.8oz
  • Outdoorsmans Quick Release Adapter
  • Adapter plates sold separately


This is the only pistol grip tripod head available that was designed by hunters for hunters. With a quick squeeze of the handle, you can quickly change your field of view with no levers to loosen or tighten. The quick release Outdoorsmans adapter plates allow you to switch from your binoculars to spotting scope, to rifle rest, or to your camera in seconds. The head has a machined groove, so when it is horizontal, it can be used as a rifle rest.

Outdoorsmans adapter plates sold separately.


Expert Review


Can I use the Outdoorsmans Pistol grip with a non-Outdoorsmans Tripod?

Yes, however you will need to purchase additional adapters. We have 3 systems to choose from that will have you covered under all circumstances.

Outdoorsmans Quick release adapter with a 3/8 adapter plate.

Outdoorsmans panner adapter - threads onto your tripod.

Outdoorsmans Quick Release Panner - gives you the best of both systems, also uses the 3/8 adapter plate

How does the Pistol grip attach to a tripod?

The Pistol Grip will screw into any Outdoorsmans Tripod, or any tripod accepting a 3/8 male screw.

Can I use the pistol grip with any of the Outdoorsmans Quick Release Adapters?

Yes, if you prefer using an Outdoorsmans Quick Release Adapter instead of attaching the Pistol grip to your tripod, you can do so using an Outdoorsmans 3/8 Adapter Plate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

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