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KOR Technik VRS® Protection Solution

Original price $229.00 - Original price $249.00
Original price
$229.00 - $249.00
Current price $229.00

KOR Technik's revolutionary VRS® technology delivers a fully customizable and reusable protection solution that saves space, time, and money while drastically reducing waste.

  • Safeguards cargo by molding and
  • Conforming to the contents
  • Limits lateral and vertical movement of contents in transit
  • Independent testing confirms superior reduction of impact and vibration Reusable and customizable every time
  • Reduces waste and need for multiple cases Exterior covering of panel constructed with MIL-Spec textiles
  • Surface is non-abrasive and easy to clean Non-porous material does not retain water, oil, or other contaminants
  • Thermally stable and tested from -10° to +120° F
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • System includes integrated valve and pump

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Solves the Foam Problem

So you have a nice case and several rifles along with a custom foam insert for each rifle. Your spare bedroom is stacked with foam inserts and your life pardner is not impressed. KoR has the solution. If the rifle case is long enough, this will ally ANY rifle that fits the case to have a snug bed. Want to include some magazines, Trigger Cam or other gear. No problem. Either of my two cases (big, small) will fit any rifle I have without stacks foam in my spare room. While often over used, "Game Changer" describes KoR's solution well.

BIGS Outfitter
Must Have

This thing is a must have. It turned my old laser cut out single rifle case and turned into a two rifle case no problem. It molds to each rifle individually so neither move or touch each other. Spotters binos what ever you wanna protect this is a key asset to protecting your investments.


This is the second unit I have bought. I have gotten rid of all my hard cases but but 2. This is a fantastic product. I highly recommend it.


Works fantastic. East to use.

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