Digiscoping Adapter w/ Stud

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Take your digiscoping to the next level.

The Outdoorsmans Digiscoping Adapter and Rings is the simplest, most versatile and toughest digiscoping set-up on the market. The slim machined aluminum body and threaded removable rings allow it to be left on the phone case at all times without adding bulk to your phone. (Body and Rings sold separately)
  • Versatile. The Outdoorsmans system is not phone specific. Our adapter works on every phone on the market.
  • Reusable. When it’s time to upgrade your phone you don’t need to replace your whole setup , just get more double sided tape.
  • Built to last. Created from machined aluminum. Built to last season after season. 
  • The Right Fit. Optic specific rings. Not a one size fits most adapter. The right fit, every time.
  • Less bulk. Cell phones are getting bigger so we streamlined our adapter.
  • Choose your case. Adheres to most phone cases on the market. Our favorite cases are made by Spigen, and OBLIQ. Any thin hard plastic or metal case made for your phone will work with our adapter. 

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