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Outdoorsmans Window Mount

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A new take on an old favorite. The Outdoorsmans Window Mount features a quick release adapter mounted to a solid machined aluminum base. Now you can easily swap your favorite tripod head between your tripod and window when the weather gets bad.

Weight: 8.75oz

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Stay as fast as your prey.

Some of us are backpack hunters, some of us are road hunters, and most of us are some combination of both. There are times when the most effective tactic available is to cover country quickly from a vehicle. Antelope hunting comes to mind. When you need to get eyes on something and keep moving, don’t bother busting out your tripod setup and waste precious time.

The Outdoorsmans Window Mount seems pretty self explanatory, but there are some key features that make it invaluable for certain hunting scenarios.

Easily Swappable

The Window Mount can be used with any Outdoorsmans Tripod Head. This means that you can have the same smooth glassing from your window that you do from your tripod. Depending on your setup, it takes about 30 seconds to swap back and forth.

Lock-and-Leave Setup

The window mount can also be left attached to your Tripod Head with your optic still attached on the other end. This means that all you need to do is roll your window down, slide it on, tighten it down, and you’re glassing.

Window Man

Build Quality

Like all Outdoorsmans Tripod Accessories, the Window Mount is manufactured by Rim Country Manufacturing in Payson, Arizona. This partnership continues to provide hunters with the most dependable, serviceable glassing equipment in the world. The Window Mount is also designed to do absolutely zero damage to your vehicle’s windows.

There are some obvious weight restrictions that should be noted, but with careful use and some forethought, it is very difficult to inflict damage (ie: breaking a window). With that in mind, this system works perfectly for binoculars and smaller spotting scopes.

The bottom line is this: If it seems like a bad idea or your optic is too heavy or unbalanced, don’t try it.

Use Cases

Each season, the Window Mount is praised by hundreds of our customers who hunt big, open country. This tool has proven even more useful for customers who are physically disabled. This tool saves them the repetitive effort of getting in and out of a vehicle, or worse, being resigned to not participate.

Wrap Up

The Outdoorsmans Window Mount was created to provide a solution for hunts and scouting trips that are based around a vehicle. Hunters are always hunting, so some of us like to carry one in the truck at all times, just in case. If you’re looking for a way to bump up the versatility of your existing tripod system or you or a loved one have a special requirement, it’s a no-brainer.

“Fast, change from small spotting scope to bino to shooting V. I absolutely love this light weight fast attachment. Wished I had bought one years ago.”

- John CO, Verified Buyer

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Scott Kinney
Window mount

Quality and versatile. American made is best thing of all.

zachary snyder
great design

Love this product recommend everyone has one.

Fred Hellbusch

Outdoorsmans Window Mount

Neil Muller
Window mount success

The window mount works great matched up with my pistol grip head and spitting scope. Super happy with it

Mike Vieira
Window Mount

The Outdoorsmans window mount is simple and strong. It works well with my 18x56 bino’s & my 65 mm spotter. I’m very happy with it.

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