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Outdoorsmans Swarovski EL Stud & Install

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The most secure and efficient method of adapting EL binoculars to a tripod.

  • Works on EL and EL Range binoculars
  • Designed for use with the Outdoorsmans Binocular Adapter
  • Stud is installed directly into the bridge of the binocular with not damage or heavy modification.
  • Does not void warranty from Swarovski and will never interfere with the function of the binoculars

The EL stud installation process requires you to ship your binoculars to us. All you need to do is include this item in your order and then follow the instructions below after your order is complete.

The process takes approximately 7-10 business days to complete. You will receive a phone call or email as soon as we receive your binoculars to let you know they have arrived safely and to provide you with an exact date that we will ship them back to you.

It may sound scary to ship your binoculars to us, but we've performed over 10,000 EL Stud installs without incident.

Please follow these instructions when sending your binoculars to us:

  1. Carefully package your binoculars in the original green carrying case.
  2. Print your order confirmation email and include it in the box with your phone number.
  3. Ship to 16851 E Parkview Ave STE 101, Fountain Hills AZ 85268
  4. Please do not send the original Swarovski box.

Price shown includes cost of return shipping + insurance.

All orders will be shipped back to the customer fully insured with a signature required for delivery unless you have requested otherwise.

Which Stud Do I Need?

For best results type your exact binocular model and make sure to find it in the compatability chart. If you do not find your model, please give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

Visit the Compatibility Chart

Why do my binoculars tilt side to side?
When the adapter is in the fully locked position you may notice that the binoculars are still able to tilt from side to side. This is intentional and necessary for two reasons:

  1. Glassing on flat ground is not a common occurrence and being able to level the binoculars is vital to staying comfortable and effective while glassing.
  2. Mistakes happen and sometimes spills can happen. If something like that were to happen, having a little give in the adapter will help to reduce damage and impact.

Have any questions?

Phone: 1-800-291-8065
Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM – 5PM MST
or hit the chat button during store hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Jason Glazer
Outdoorsmans 10x42 el stud install

I have always glassed with 15s and have the stud on them. I wanted to get the stud on my 10s to get a better field of view for closer range, and to use when deer are moving. I would highly suggest this. The stud install came back great. The process was smooth to have them sent off. Thanks!

Colby Simms

I really enjoy my glassing platform complete with the bino stud. Just makes everything easy to use.

yancy gosda
Stud install

This is not the first stud I have purchased but it is for the EL 12x50 and it is the best system out thereon the market. The service and shipping was spot on.

Brandon Kowalski

Great product, well made, excellent! Wish I would have done the EL stud sooner kicking myself for waiting so long. Turn around was lightning fast and the stud looks like it was factory! Thanks Outdoorsman

R C 731
Top notch costumer service

Quick and painless. They called me once they had received my ELs and told me when they would ship out and they shipped out on that exact date! 10/10 all day long!

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