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Introducing the Outdoorsmans Pan Head Gen 2

Introducing the Outdoorsmans Pan Head Gen 2

Outdoorsmans is very excited to announce the next product in our line of unbeatable and indestructible tripod heads. The Gen 2 Pan Head now incorporates the highly requested Arca-Swiss compatibility while also accepting Outdoorsmans plates. The new jaw system uses a spring washer tensioning system that will provide the same amount of tension no matter which plate style you are using. There is no need to adjust the tension of the jaws for any reason. From mounting your binos with an Outdoorsmans adapter to attaching your rifle with an Arca-Swiss rail, the Gen 2 Pan Head can handle it all with lightning fast transitions. 

That isn’t the only trick the Gen 2 Pan Head has up its sleeve though. The jaws also have two positions that you can use for different scenarios. At the half open position you will be able to slide your plates in for a secure and guided fitment. Then, when you need to attach an item that isn’t able to slide on like a rifle with a bipod blocking the rail, you can open the jaws to their second position which allows any plate to just tilt in and lock down with the same speed. 

We are always striving to improve on our products and although the internal mechanisms are generally the same, we have made improvements to our honing and hand-fitting process to improve things like lockup strength, longevity and fluid tension in the head as well. 

We are very excited to bring this new functionality to our products and you can expect to see these changes come to the rest of our product line very soon. Stay tuned, exciting things are always on the horizon!

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