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Hunting Tripod Accessories

Demand More from Your Tripod - Hunting Tripod Accessories

There is no piece of gear you interact with more during a hunt than your tripod. We encourage you to demand more from it. Demand that it give you a perfect shooting platform no matter what the situation. Demand that it provide the stability to take incredible videos and photographs of wildlife. Demand your tripod to be compatible with all methods of glassing.

When looking for the right tripod for your needs, don't overlook available accessories.


The number one factor in making an accurate shot is rifle stability. There is no more versatile option to provide stability than a tripod. You’d be hard-pressed to find a shooting situation in which a tripod can not succeed in building a stable platform. There are many add-ons available to provide you with a platform you can count on.

Rifle Rest

The Outdoorsmans Rifle Rest weighs 5.25 oz and provides two points of contact to rest your rifle on. The size and strength of the Rifle Rest allows you to completely let go of your rifle if desired making it the perfect tripod accessory for long range shooting.

Shooting “V”

Our most popular shooting accessory is, without a doubt, the Shooting “V”. This lightweight, machined aluminum piece weighs a mere 1.5 oz and is deployed in an instant using our dovetail system. It’s a single point of contact which offers less stability than other options, but it certainly offers enough of an advantage to make it a no-brainer.

Rear Rifle Support

If you’re looking for the ultimate support for long distance shots, look no further. The Rear Rifle Support is an add-on to any Outdoorsmans Tripod which provides a platform to rest your rifle’s buttstock. Combined with any of our shooting accessories the Rear Rifle Support, this system is akin to having a shooting rest in the field.

TriClawps Solo

This clamp-style shooting accessory locks your rifle into any position you can imagine. You simply clamp it down tight and use your tripod head to swivel in any direction. It’s strong, it’s lightweight, and it’s universal to any rifle. The TriClawps Solo is a great option to have in and out of the field.

General Accessories

Neoprene Leg Covers

It’s no secret that aluminum tripods can get cold to the touch in inclement weather, its one of the main arguments in the aluminum vs. carbon fiber debate. Handle your tripod without hesitation with Neoprene Leg Covers. These covers also help dampen noise and protect the tripod itself from dings and scratches.

Tripod Hammock

Keep your snacks and sunglasses handy with a Tripod Hammock. This simple design makes it easy to keep track of those small items you take out of your pockets during a session glassing from a tripod. It also doubles up as a load bearer if you need to weight your tripod down a bit.

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