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Swarovski Sale! Save Hundreds for a Limited Time! | Click Here.
Swarovski’s Modular Spotting Scope System

Swarovski’s Modular Spotting Scope System

Modularity [moj-uh-lar-i-tee] - Constructed with standardized units or dimensions for flexibility and variety in use.

The word modularity isn’t uncommon in the hunting industry, just about every pack manufacturer builds their pack systems to be interchangeable with other size bags or frames. The Swarovski X-Series brings this concept into spotting scopes. 

This is revolutionary for the optics industry as it allows you to interchange different size objective lenses with either the Swarovski ATX, STX, or BTX eyepieces. This adds an incredible amount of versatility to your glassing setup. In under 10 seconds, you can switch from glassing a long distance with a huge 115mm objective lens to a smaller 65mm, throw it in your pack, and take off on a stalk. 

So if you’re researching what spotting scope is best for you, give this article a read and find out why Swarovski’s modular spotting scope system is what you are looking for.

What Options Do I have?

The Modularity of the Swarovski X-Series spotting scopes comes from its three different eyepieces and four different objective lens sizes. That comes out to 12 possible configurations. 

Now is it feasible for someone to have all 12… no, but depending on your typical hunting style and glassing needs this setup would be a lot more cost-effective than multiple different full-on spotting scopes. Any of the configurations will offer extreme detail recognition at crucial moments thanks to Swarovision Technology and total ease of use ensure you never miss the slightest movement.

Swarovski modularity - ATX

Eye Pieces

STX - This is the straight eyepiece option. When it comes to angled vs. straight, it is really one of those personal preference things. People who do a lot of glassing downhill prefer the STX, but one of the biggest benefits is that when you spot an animal while glassing with your binoculars on a tripod and switch to your spotter to get a closer look, you shouldn’t have to adjust your tripod head to find what you were looking at. 

ATX - The angled eyepiece option. This is the most common eyepiece used because of its ergonomics and comfort when glassing. If you most commonly find yourself glassing uphill then the angled would be the preferred eyepiece.

BTX - The BTX eyepiece is the real kicker of Swarovski’s modular spotting scopes. It is a dual eyepiece module that allows you to glass with both eyes open through the same modular objective lens as your ATX or STX eyepiece. For situations where you find yourself wanting to glass an area that is just too far for your binos and too much country to use one eye, the BTX is for you. 

I had the pleasure of glassing with the BTX on a 115mm objective lens and I can confidently say it was the most impressive optical picture I have ever seen. The field of view was insane. It is always better to glass with two eyes instead of one.

Swarovski 115 - STX

Objective Lenses

65mm - The 65mm objective lens is the smallest Swarovski offers and is ideal for people looking for lightweight. Weighing only 27.3 oz alone and 57.8 oz on the STX makes the perfect and highest-quality spotting scope that you can carry in your pack. 

85mm - Weighing a slight bit more than the 65mm at 38.8 oz, the 85mm is the perfect all-around objective lens size. For someone who finds themselves in a wide variety of different glassing scenarios, the 85mm objective lens is a perfect choice.

95mm - This size is starting to get a little heavy for the pack, and a little better for long distances with a higher magnification jumping up to 30-70x. For glassing from easy access vantage points, long distances, consistent low light situations, or going the BTX route, the 95mm objective lens is a viable option.

115mm - The largest of the options and newest to the group is the gigantic 115mm objective lens. When connected to an ATX or STX this lens lets in an incredible amount of light, I mean spotting deer at night kind of light. When the 115 mm objective lens is configured on the BTX Eyepiece glassing basins miles away is an easy possibility, and the biggest benefit to the setup.

Swarovski Magnification Extender

Magnification Extender

The Swarovski ME 1.7x Magnification Extender is a small module for the X-Series modular spotting scopes that inserts between the objective lens and the eyepiece increasing the magnification 1.7x

So What Makes it Better?

The X-Series modular spotting scope system is the best thing to happen to hunting optics since we, Outdoorsmans, launched the Binocular Adapter. The modularity of the X-Series and its endless versatility is its largest attraction and why it is one of the best spotting scopes for 2021. Like I mentioned earlier in this article it only takes a few seconds to switch to a different objective lens or eyepiece. Just as easy as switching out a camera lens. 

This bodes well for busy hunters like guides and outfitters or avid outdoorsmen. As we all know, the west is built of wildly different terrains, vegetation levels, and species behaviors. With all that variety comes a need for a variety of optics to be able to properly visualize the terrain you’re hunting. 

A BTX on a 115mm would be a ridiculous setup to bring when the country you can glass is not more than at least a mile away, just as you would rather not have an STX 65mm hunting Coues deer down in AZ if you had a choice. And to top it all off, it’s a Swarovski. This spotting scope system combines exceptionally flexible modularity with optical perfection that Swarovski is know for.

When you purchase your Swarovski X-Series from us, you are also able to get the best tripod setup for your spotting scope. We specifically design tripods, heads, and accessories to make sure you are getting the best optical clarity possible. To really take advantage of the clear picture we have digiscoping setups that can securely attach your phone and take a video of a big bull through your spotting scope. It even works if you’re into astrophotography.

Outoodrsmans - Swarovski BTX Modularity

What are the Downsides?

Typically the word downside and Swarovski never meet, but the X-Series has two in my opinion. First, they are a little bit heavier with the STX 65mm weighing 57.8 oz compared to an STS 65mm coming in at 47.3 oz for an 10.5 oz difference. 

The other downside is the initial cost. Ranging between $3,697 - $6,131 these optic setups are no budget savers. Where it saves you money is in the long run. 

Say you purchase an ATX 95mm for an elk hunt where you have access to some easy to get to glassing spots, but the next year you draw a mule deer tag in CO in a unit that you’ll need to backpack in a few miles. Hell no are you going to pack a 95mm in your pack, you’re going to want something smaller and lighter. All you would need to buy is the 65 mm objective lens instead of a completely new spotting scope. 


So if this season you find yourself wondering “do I need a spotting scope?”, and that brought you to this article on the X-Series Spotting Scopes, then you’re in the right place. Invest now, save later, and have the most versatile spotting scope system on the market that has the functionality to suit any viewing situation. 

Give us a call or shoot us an email and we will help get you the setup you need.
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