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Which 15x56 binoculars should you buy? Swarovski? Vortex? Zeiss?

Which 15x56 binoculars should you buy? Swarovski? Vortex? Zeiss?

Swarosvki vs Vortex

This is absolutely a personal decision based on your income level, your desires and your needs.  Once you decide on what you can afford, then we can start pointing you in the right direction.  Personally, I suggest you always buy the BEST 15x56 Binoculars you can afford and we don't honestly know what you can afford, until you make that decision.    

Zeiss Conquest HD 15 Binoculars

All of the optics we sell are built by great companies, but the pricing structures typically dictate the quality level of binoculars you are purchasing.  The diversity in pricing structures and optics we carry gives us the ability to put you in the best optics for your budget.

If your budget is $2,300, we are going to tell you the NEW Swarovski SLC 15x56 are the binocular for you.  If it's in the $1,600 range, we are going get you in the Zeiss Conquest 15x56 HD binoculars.  If it's in the $1,300 or lower range, we are going to suggest the Vortex 15x56 Kaibab HD binoculars.

I know that for me, whenever I think I saved money upfront on optics, because I felt like I couldn't justify the extra cash to get to the next level of optics, it always costs me in the long run.  Eventually, I end up seeing the value in the next price point of optics once I have used the lower price point optics for a few years.

Now I look at optics as an investment, because the best optics usually hold their value much better and when the new generations come out, I can always sell them and upgrade.  


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