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Outdoorsmans Pack durability?

Outdoorsmans Pack durability?

Outdoorsmans Pack (Optics Hunter)

When we talk hunting backpacks today, it seems like everyone is talking about the weight & load size of the pack. Often, it's because hunters going into the back country want the lightest weight pack on their back, but want the ability to carry heavy loads (which somewhat contradict each other, but that's another blog post).  

Let's face it, a lot of packs are similar in size & weight, but for me what separates a backpack is it's comfort & durability.   If the pack isn't comfortable on your back, with & without a load, you need to move on to the next one.  It's that simple! 

Outdoorsmans Packing out a sheep!

Next, it's Durability aka toughness, that's what separates the men from the boys in the hunting backpack world.  When I spend $400-800 dollars on a piece of gear, I don't want something made poorly.   I want something which is going to work & last!  

After hunting, guiding and scouting in the Outdoorsmans Optics Hunter Pack for over a year now, I feel extremely satisfied in giving it my approval.  I am a big guy, who really abuses my hunting gear, because I hunt hard & just don't have time to think about whether or not a piece of gear is going to fail.  If it does,  I replace it! 

Packing out a Mule Deer!

I live, guide and hunt in the Southwest, which is not an easy place on hunting gear!  Everything wants to tear or rip your gear down here.  I have honestly abused my Outdoorsmans backpack over the past year, but every time I go to put it on, it's functioning just like the day I got it.  

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