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With new year having come and gone we all know what that means, NEW GEAR! In this case we are talking about the newly released Swarovski EL Range. This has been a long awaited arrival. In typical Swarovski fashion, they hit it out of the park. The EL Ranges are available both in 8x42 and a 10x42 models. Both are easily steadied by hand and also tripod mountable with the OUTDOORSMANS EL stud and bino adapter(as shown in pics below). Aside from their superior optical quality, the EL's the most anticipated feature was the ranging binocular with inclinometer. This means that you get the distance to shoot for on an angle not a holdover like so many other rangefinders. With the popularity of longerange shooting this will surely provide a much needed element to make accurate shots regardless of angle. Below is a list of specs:

Range: 33 yards to 1500 yards/ 30 meters to 1375 meters
Weight: 8x42- 32.1oz./ 10x42- 31.6 oz.
F.O.V. 8x42 411ft. @1000 yards/ 10x42 330ft. @1000yards
Light transmission: 91% in each barrel(85% nearest competitor)

After having field tested this ranging binocular there are some very obvious observations. They are as follows:
1. Optical quality is what is to be expected from Swarovski.
2. The activation button being on the left side is NOT a problem. You can reach the button from the right side easier and more effective than other manufactures.
3. The inclinometer absolutely works! Top # is the line of sight distance. Bottom # is the shoot for distance when ranging angles.
4. Very easy to focus and set up from the beginning.


Even though the button is located on the left side the EL Ranges can be operated with either hand. After field use this fact was proven time and time again.

Increase the effective range and repeatibility of your EL Range buy mounting on a tripod. Shown above is the 10×42 EL Range mounted on a OUTDOORSMANS pan head with an OUTDOORSMANS bino adapter and a OUTDOORSMANS Swarovski stud.


Note the taller OUTDOORSMANS bino adapter to accommodate the full range of interpupilary distance while avoiding contact with the electronics in objective tubes housing.

The most secure way to mount your binoculars to a tripod! The OUTDOORSMANS bino adapter locks your binoculars securely to your tripod while allowing them to be released quickly when time is of the essence. All EL binoculars need to sent in for stud installation.


Swarovski 10×42 EL Range mounted an OUTDOORSMANS pan head and tall tripod. For questions and pricing on this system call and speak to our Swarovski optics experts 1.800.291.8065 or go to to purchase.



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